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Mike Geary has a bunch of capital letters following his name, letters such as AFAA-CPT and NCSF-CPT, which just mean he is a dually certified personal trainer, and knows his stuff regarding diet and fitness.

Mike has chosen to address all the common myths and legends about one aspect or fitness that men and women alike find extremely interesting: six-pack abs.

In his book, The Truth About Six-Pack Abs, Geary debunks all the incorrect information that abounds regarding which exercises work best for the development of the much-coveted “six-pack”.

As well as creating a great exercise program for abs, Mike has put in useful dietary tips, as well as revealing a lot of foods presumed to be healthy as twaddle. His combined program combining smart exercises and sound dietary advice is a great choice.

Mike Geary has a BS degree, but more importantly, he has years of experience in personal training. He doesn’t advise executing crunches or sit-ups, and doesn’t use abdominal machines. He believes they are useless and waste your time. He instead introduces us to a series of exercises he vouches for as being far more effective for building great abs.

His program is pretty good for overall weight loss, but is really designed for the serious bodybuilder who wants to show off great abs and a cut-up, muscular middle, as well as for the people who are their trainers.

Geary’s tactic involves blasting the body with exercise designed to reduce fat. This regimen will greatly lessen body fat content on anybody who strictly adheres to the program. The reality of it all is that your “six-pack” may already exist, but hiding beneath a layer of not-so-great subcutaneous fat. Get rid of the fat, and you’ll find the six-pack.

The Truth About Six-Pack Abs advocates quite a few exercises not used by mainstream trainers, all of which are designed to work the body more intelligently, not more strenuously. The book covers total-body workout routines that just happen to chisel the midriff, rather than focusing only on the abdominals.

You will find that other websites contain links to Mike Geary’s homepage, and they all contain reviews of his program. I couldn’t find any that were negative, and the majority of them are downright enthusiastic. Every one of them who had seriously used the program couldn’t say enough about the great results. Some of the reviews were from professional bodybuilders, but the majority were from amateurs.

Although the author’s target audience consists of serious bodybuilders, a great number of the people using the program are everyday people who just want to be in better shape, and have a “six-pack” to show off. Whatever your intent, you’ll get a lot of benefit from his program.

His prescribed exercises don’t require that you join a health club or take pricey supplements or buy anything besides his book. This is an investment in your health and well-being. Geary offers a low-cost trial and guarantees results if the principles he sets down are applied properly.

Via his webpage, you can also find some other items published on training and diet. Some are free to download, and others are pretty affordable. His “Training and Nutrition Insider: Secrets for a Lean Body” is a free one, and worth the time it takes to read all 64 pages, each of them loaded with helpful tips.

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