Diet And Exercise For Fat Loss Or Weight Loss? Which Approach Brings Better (And Quicker) Results?

Have you been wondering whether dieting and exercising for weight loss is better than doing so for fat loss? Do you not even know why either/or is important? Well, I hope to answer both of those questions for you in this article here! Take a couple of minutes and read on to learn more.

Okay, let’s first talk about what both approaches entail:

Dieting And Exercising To Lose Pounds:

As far as dieting is concerned, folks who are dieting to strictly drop pounds typically will focus on reducing their calorie intake substantially. This will come from seriously eliminating calories from their diet. As far as exercising is concerned, folks will basically do a ton of cardio exercises to reduce their total daily calorie intake.

Dieting And Exercising To Burn Fat:

With dieting to burn fat, this is typically done by eating more food more often, eating foods that burn fat, and eating foods in a specific way to increase the bodies fat burning hormones (such as calorie shifting or eating cheat foods in a special way).

As far as exercising to burn fat is concerned, this is done by concentrating heavily on doing two types of exercises: High intensity exercises and resistance training.

High intensity exercises (such as high intensity interval training, playing sport activities, and sprinting to name a few) burn off fat, increase the metabolism, and at the same time, maintain muscle tissue. Resistance training builds lean muscle tissue, which will burn fat during and after the workout.

From those 2 descriptions above, which approach do you think will bring about better results? Yup, dieting and exercising for fat loss will certainly produce much more better results!

You see, with this approach, you still lose pounds, you’ll burn off stubborn body fat, and you’ll look many times better than someone who just focused on losing pounds. This is because you’ll have a more toned and fit look as opposed to a “skinny-fat” look.

Also, strictly focusing on losing pounds puts you at a very high risk of developing loose skin after you have lost weight… and that certainly is not an attractive look.

What Do I Recommend?

Well, for exercising, you can’t go wrong with doing body-weight exercise routines. Those are my favorite! These types of exercises are things such as burpees, squats, mountain climbers, push-ups, and more.

Besides that, the other types of exercises I highly recommend are compound resistance training (weight training exercises that incorporate multiple body parts such as bench presses, dead lifts, squats, standing military press, upright rows, and more) and high intensity cardio workouts (such as sprinting and sports as mentioned above).

For dieting, I recommend that you go on a program that has you eat more frequently throughout the day in ways that will boost your bodies fat burning hormones. This program HERE is what I recommend most. This is the type of dieting I did and my results were amazing. Besides the amazing results, I also found this type of dieting very easy to stick to since you don’t starve yourself and you don’t have to give up all the foods you love.

So, if you are looking for the best type of diet and exercise approach, I strongly recommend that you look for something that focuses more on shedding that stubborn body fat more than trying to decrease that number on the scale.

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