Cutting Out Sugar Is Easier To Do Than You Think (Check Out This Amazing Trick!)


People ask me all the time if cutting out sugar is easy to do. I wish I had a one solution answer to this question. Truth is: the answer would be different each day for every individual. Why you ask? Because we are human. Everyday is different, events unfold differently, some are work days, some are play days, some are vacation days, some are religious days, etc etc. You get the picture.

That is part of the reason why people with sugar sensitivities have such a hard time controlling their sugar cravings. If life would just stay the same for them…they could get on a pattern and stick with it. Ah, but there is a clue there, isn’t there? Getting on a pattern and sticking with it. That is a key strategy for cutting out sugar successfully.

Here is a great strategy to cutting out sugar (without feeling deprived):

Make a list of your favorite sugar treats. Or to say it another way: What is your biggest sugar cravings? Is there one food that stands out? Or is there a multitude of items on your list?

You will need to pick out the top 3 foods that you crave the most. Then pull out your daytimer or calendar and for the next 3 months plan out where you are going to have your treat. It is not any different than scheduling your hair appointment or pedicure. It is something you want and desire, but is not something you indulge in everyday.

Just ask yourself: “why would I get my hair cut everyday?” Your answer might be:

a.because it is not necessary
b. because it would be a waste of money
c. because there is no time to do it everyday
d. because it would not be special anymore
e. because I could not afford it everyday

Start to view your sugar treats the same way. They are a treat to be enjoyed when scheduled. Not something done daily like taking a bath or brushing your teeth. You will be pleasantly surprised at the end of the three months how effective this strategy is.

It is hard to envision this strategy working as you are sitting there drooling over the chocolate cake that your co-worker just brought in for a birthday celebration. Yet, next month, you will not have to drool because you will have scheduled that cake in as one of your treat days. You will feel no guilt when you bite into it. But you will feel really, really good about yourself because you have found a way of cutting out sugar that is easy to do on a lifestyle basis.

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I have struggled with the “sugar devil” my whole life. I have struggled with my weight ever since quitting smoking at the age of 38. Being stubborn and determined, I even began working at the world’s largest weight loss company leading meetings to make sure I kept it off once I lost the smoking weight.

It was only after I left that company (10 years) that the “light bulb” went off. ¬†When it did, everything became very clear to me. I finally saw that my sugar consumption was at the root of it all. And I worked up a plan that would address those issues, not just weight. When it worked for all my friends as well as me…. I knew I had to share it with the world.

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