Change These 4 Things And Lose Up To 20 Pounds Of Body Fat In One Month!

I just don’t get it: Why does losing weight these days seems like it is more of a mystery than it is for something that is sure to happen as long as you go about weight loss 100% naturally? Could it be because diet companies want to make it seem like it is so difficult to lose weight… only so that they can sell you there EXPENSIVE (and in some cases) dangerous diet programs? More than likely would be my guess!

Listen, if you want to lose up to 20 pounds of body fat in one month, then it IS possible… and it is possible WITHOUT dealing with expensive fad diets! Losing 20 pounds in 1 month was part of a goal I had (my total goal was to lose 50 pounds… which I did… yay!), and I accomplished this goal by changing around things I was doing wrong. Here are 4 of those things:

1. Instead of losing weight…

I focused more on losing fat. I’ve mentioned this before in previous articles, and it deserves to be mentioned again. When you readjust your thinking around and stop focusing more on how much you are weighing, and instead start focusing on your body fat percentage, EVERYTHING changes. You’ll feel a lot LESS stressed out with your goals, how you eat will be different, how you exercise will be different, and so much more.

When you lose body fat, this is when you gain ALL of the benefits of improving your health and improving the look of your body.

Bottom line, it’s not the weight that causes problems… it’s the fat! Focus more on doing things that burn fat, and I can assure you the results will come MUCH MORE faster!

2. Instead of focusing on eating less calories…

I focused more on eating the right types of nutrients, eating more often during the day, and rotating my calorie pattern around.

Rotating my calorie pattern (known as shifting calories) played a significant role in my quest to get in shape. I learned how to do this with a NATURAL online diet program. This program designed my menu plan for me, and all I had to do was make sure I ate the meals in my custom program (which were delicious meal selections by the way), and of course do all of the other important things with getting in better shape.

When you do this type of dieting, there is no starving or cravings to worry about. And that’s because you get to eat all types of foods, you get to eat more often during the day, and you DO NOT reduce calories too much. Remember, it’s all about losing fat… not weight (even though you’ll still decrease pounds of course).

3. Instead of exercising for FOREVER…

Workout for just 10-20 minutes.

Why is that?

Well, because for one, you’ll be more motivated to do the exercise since you’ll know that it won’t take that long to complete. And secondly, if you are doing a workout that only takes that long to complete, it obviously has to be a pretty intense workout… and the more intense your workout is… the more quicker you’ll lose 20 pounds of body fat!

Short intense exercises has so many benefits that it would take me a day to list them! But some of the key benefits is the time it takes to do the exercises (of course), it increase your metabolism like no other, it’s more fun to do, and you don’t need equipment in order to do these workouts.

4. Instead of going on fad diets…

Choose to go on natural diets. Your body does what you want it to do when you do things naturally. Therefore, when you diet naturally, you’ll get ALL the benefits. Those benefits are more energy, better digestive system, faster metabolism, you don’t feel hungry all the time, cravings will start to decrease, you’ll naturally detoxify your body, you’ll gain muscle tissue more consistently, you’ll burn off fat more consistently, and so much more!

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