Can’t Lose Belly Fat? Make This Simple Adjustment And Melt Away Stubborn Fat Lightning Fast!

Have you gone on every diet there is and done every type of abdominal workout there is, BUT, you still can’t lose belly fat? I feel your frustration! I couldn’t stand my fat stubborn tummy! I tried taking diet pills, fad dieting, starvation dieting, detox diets, and so much more… but nothing ever worked. Since I had low self-esteem due to me being greatly over weight, I decided to keep going until I found something that truly does work, and that’s when I found the diet program that changed everything! After using this diet, I learned that there was just one single adjustment that you MUST make in order to flatten the belly once and for all:

EAT! – That’s right, the number one rule for getting rid of stubborn fat and losing weight is none other than simply EATING! Just about every popular diet program you see all over the Internet and T.V. ads are all about reduce this or reduce that, and on and on! The program I went on was the exact opposite.

For starters, I was not restricting nutrients (even carbs and fats!). ALL nutrients are required in order to not just lose fat fast, but also permanently and to also improve your overall health. You need good carbs, good fats, antioxidants, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc.

Secondly, I was eating more frequently through out the day. Starting with breakfast (NEVER skip breakfast by the way), I would eat every 2-3 hours and then making my last meal a few hours before going to bed (important to do to avoid slowing your metabolism down).

Thirdly, not only was I eating more frequently, I was eating in a way to skyrocket my metabolism. You see, it’s not just about eating more meals each day, it’s about eating specific nutrients in different patterns each day to prevent your body from becoming accustomed to your eating habits (known as shifting calories). When you eat as you normally do, this will cause your metabolism to stabilize and run at a slow pace. When you “shift calories” around, this will manipulate your bodies fat burning hormones into seriously increasing for crazy fat loss!

Bottom line, if you can’t lose belly fat, then I highly recommend that you avoid fad dieting and instead EAT to burn fat and lose weight. By making that adjustment to my body transformation plan, I wound up losing 52 lbs. and I flattened my belly… in 8 weeks… permanently!