Burn Fat Fast – 3 Simple Strategies To Laser Target Your Fat Loss Goals

— by Ryan Faehnle
International Fatloss Consultant
CSCS, FMS, PICP, BioSignature & PIMST
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Miami University, 2005 – 2011

Did you know that following popular diet advice might actually be the CAUSE of your stubborn fat zones?

Did you know that most “health” foods are probably forcing your body to ADD fat in exactly the places you’d most like to get rid of it?

Have you been hearing about the importance of “hormones” for fatloss in the news and on Dr Oz over the past few months?

It’s a trend that’s really starting to catch on. But it’s something I’ve been successfully using with my clients for years to blast away even the most stubborn “fat zones.”

The truth is, no matter how “strict” you diet, you’ll never lose those embarrassing trouble spots unless you understand the hormonal effects of food.

It’s really not complicated though.

And once you do tap into the almost magical fatburning potential of your own hormones, you’ll actually feel like the fat on those stubborn trouble spots starts dropping away almost effortlessly.

I have dozens of strategies that I teach to personal trainers and use with my own clients. But I want to share with you the three that have the most impact, and that solve three of the most common trouble spots.

1. Burst your “spare tire” effortlessly

Did you know that most of the foods that are being promoted as “healthy” alternatives these days will actually add thick globs of dense fat on the sides of your waist.

Bagels for breakfast, sandwiches on whole-grain bread for lunch, pasta to “fuel” your workouts, and don’t forget your daily glass of orange juice!

All these mainstream “health” foods affect a major hormone in your body called insulin. Insulin is a “building” hormone, which means it builds muscle cells and fat cells.  The problem is that unless you just finished a hard weight training session, you want to keep insulin levels LOW.

Just think about it. If your day looks like what I’ve mentioned above, your body is flooded with the building-hormone insulin ALL DAY. This means you’re making new fat cells 24/7. Not good!

Insulin-generated fat stores tend to make their way to the love handle area, giving you the muffin-top or humpty-dumpty look.

Getting rid of these fat stores is actually quite simple.

Eliminate carbohydrates other than veggies from your diet except for a one-hour window after intense weight training workouts. And indulge in a single Cheat Meal once every 5-7 days.

The rest of the time, half of your plate should be protein, the other half leafy-green vegetables, and you should have a side of healthy fats such as olive oil or organic butter to go along with it. That’s it, the optimal meal for insulin management!

2. A “magic pill” to take the thunder out of your thighs?

One of the best tricks that I have for melting fat off people’s butt and thighs is to super-dose probiotics.

Truthfully, probiotics will help immensely with belly fat, love handle fat, AND fat legs.  It’s just too versatile to NOT have in your cabinet.

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that regulate nearly everything that is going on in your internal environment.

They help you break down foods, keep your immune system strong, and speed up detoxification.

Since excessive fat on your lower body is an indication of high estrogenic or toxic load on your body, it only makes sense for you to become a probiotic junkie!

If you’ve got really fat legs and you’ve never taken probiotics before, I recommend taking a hefty dose of them AFTER each of your 3 main meals per day. You want to take them after the meals so that your stomach acid doesn’t kill too many of them before they make it to your intestines.  Remember, probiotics are LIVING organisms, so we want to treat them with respect and not give them an “acid bath” by taking them on an empty stomach!

Probiotics are often low-quality amongst supplement brands (I know, I’ve seen the lab test results of many popular brands), so make sure you buy pharmaceutical grade probiotics.

3. Less is more for a flat belly

You’d probably be quite surprised if I told you that one way to get a flatter belly is to shorten your workouts.

If you’re taking longer than 50 minutes in the gym (not counting your warm-up), then you’re making friends, not training.

In fact, if you’ve got loads of fat around your belly button, I recommend keeping your workouts to 30 minutes or less!

Now, this should not be a walk in the park; it needs to be 30 minutes of high-quality training with no interruptions, no texting, and no checking out the resident hotties.

The reason I recommend shorter workouts for burning bellyfat is because many people have a problem with high circulating levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Cortisol is an important hormone for the body at certain times of the day, but excess amounts of it can create fat stores on your belly.

Long workouts can cause cortisol levels to go haywire, which is counterproductive to getting a lean midsection.

I recommend 3-4 short-and-sweet resistance training sessions per week along with a few intense interval training sessions sprinkled in.  Keep all your training sessions to under 30 minutes and you’ll be sporting a flat belly in no time!


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