Best Exercises for People With Bad Knees

I’ve been suffering with pain for the past few years with having patella tendinitis (spelling?), and I wanted to share with you this article on exercises for people with bad knees. I hope you find it helpful…

By Sheker Gadol

If you really want to get into good shape and maintain that shape then you will have to exercise consistently over time and try to limit the breaks in your training. But the problem is that there are many reasons why it is very difficult to keep up a workout plan and one of the main reasons is due to injuries to the body.

The knees are commonly injured and it is not a big shock considering how fragile and susceptible to injury they are. The truth is that the knees aren’t really built to withstand the type of stress that many people apply to them and they don’t always handle it very well.

So of course, when possible, you should try to avoid the types of workouts that cause the most stress to the knees. But this isn’t always easy to do depending on what you are involved with but you can always try to lessen the stress that is being placed on your knees.

One thing you can do to help the situation is to concentrate mainly on the upper body muscles as this will put less strain on your knees. You can also stay away from the exercises that put a lot of strain on your knees altogether and stick to abs.

If you have it in your mind that you just must do leg exercises even though you are aware of the potential problems, you should try to reduce the impact. On top of being careful, you can do workouts that don’t really impact the knees at all.

Partial squats are much less problematic than the full ones because they put much less weight on the knees in comparison. Leg lifts without weights are also a good way to strengthen the legs without hurting the knees.

However, even these can cause problems for people with really bad knees and for those people it is best to avoid them. There are still other workouts which are even better.

Swimming will give you a great workout without putting much stress on your knees at all and it also targets the legs. You might also want to consider using the bicycle if this doesn’t affect your knees too much.

When you make a conscious effort to reduce the stress on your knees you will definitely feel a difference. Remember that you do not have to risk your knees in order to get fit because you have these alternatives.

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