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My name is Avy Barnes and I am the editor and founder of

I started this website with one goal in mind… to provide a wealth of information to those who are looking to either/or improve their health, lose weight, burn fat, build muscle, etc.

I once struggled (badly) with trying to get in shape. This clearly was due to my ignorance with using diet pills, fad diets, and other types of ineffective and unnatural ways for getting in shape. Over the year’s, I have accumulated a ton of knowledge on what to do, what not to do, and even some insider secrets! On, YOU get to find out all of this information, tips, tricks, and secrets. My hope is that you can get the body of your dreams… BUT without suffering from the setbacks I endured during my journey.

I hope you take the time and browse around the site and become informed on improving your overall health and body!

Thank you and enjoy your visit!

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