Are You Dieting And Still Not Getting Results? Could It Be Because You Are Eating Meals Like THIS?

Your metabolism, your dieting habits, and the types of exercises you do will all get you the body of your dreams. However, one part of that trifecta always causes problems for people and prevents most from ever reaching their goals. And that one part is dieting. If you are working hard at doing the right things to lose weight and get in shape, but for some reason, you just can’t reach your goals, it may have something to do with how you are eating your meals. Read on to learn more.

Typically, the way most people eat meals (even while dieting) goes as follows:

1. Dessert for breakfast or no breakfast at all!

What I mean by that is a breakfast that is loaded with sugar. Primarily, this would be sugary cereals or other meals high in bad carbs. A breakfast like this will cause strong carb cravings later in the day and will be ineffective at getting your body in a fat burning state.

The other issue is not eating breakfast at all. This is a HUGE mistake! Skipping breakfast slows your metabolism down, it can cause you to lose muscle tissue, it causes a loss of energy, and it can certainly cause strong cravings later in the day.

What I recommend instead is to first off make sure you eat a healthy breakfast no matter what, and secondly, I recommend eating a breakfast high in protein and moderate healthy carbs (fiber). An example of this type of breakfast could be something like 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg (the yolk is healthy to eat in MODERATION since it contains lots of protein and HEALTHY cholesterol), a piece of whole wheat toast, a couple of slices of turkey bacon, and a piece of fruit of your choice.

2. A terrible lunch!

Due to hectic lives, most people have terrible lunches. This includes eating some type of fast food, eating a high carb lunch (probably due to having a strong carb craving from eating dessert for breakfast), not eating a good amount of beneficial nutrients, or skipping lunch (which also slows your metabolism down).

The solution I recommend for this is to make sure that you prepare your lunch in advance! I also highly recommend that your lunch is loaded with protein, healthy fat, healthy carbs, and vitamins/minerals. Eating a good lunch sustains energy for the day, keeps your metabolism running, keeps your energy levels high, and will prevent the following from happening…

3. Eating Thanksgiving dinner every night! LOL!

The percentage rate is very high with people who eat very little during the day and eat a barbarian feast at the end of the day! Eating like this will make losing weight virtually impossible. The reason why is because if you eat too heavy at night, this can slow your metabolism down while you rest (especially if you eat too close to bed), and it will put major stress on your digestive system.

The reason this happens starts with breakfast. Skipping breakfast or eating too many bad carbs for breakfast will catch up to you during dinner. Also, having a bad lunch will cause this problem as well. This is because now your body is seriously hungry and is craving all kinds of things (especially bad carbs and salty foods).

The solution to this problem is to first make sure you follow #1 and #2 above. Second, I recommend that you primarily eat high protein, very minimal carbs, and as much veggies as you want. An example of the perfect dinner would be something like chicken breast, a small baked sweet potato, and lots of steamed broccoli.

Bottom line, if you change your eating habits around and eat meals in the way I mentioned above, then you will most certainly start seeing a difference. That being said, if you want to REALLY start seeing amazing changes faster than you ever thought possible, then I strongly suggest you find a diet program that is based around eating MORE meals each day (such as these effective programs here), eating nutrients in different patterns, and eating foods in a way that will skyrocket your metabolism.

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