Are Quick Weight Loss Diets A Good Idea? Not Unless It’s Based Around This One Important Rule

Besides actually losing weight, the other number one goal many people have is to lose their weight QUICKLY. This then leads to many people looking for the next best quick weight loss diet hoping that it can get the amazing results as quickly as possible. This also leads many people opting for using dangerous diet pills or even going in for liposuction and other procedures.

But in regards to dieting, is dropping pounds with those fast diets a good idea? Isn’t there consequences to worry about with trying to lose pounds too fast? In this article, I’m going to talk about getting quick results, what consequences may come about, and which diets (if it’s based on one key rule) will actually work for you lightning fast… but at the same time… 100% naturally.

First Things First. Is Getting Quick Results Dangerous?

Well, it is dangerous if you attempt to do so with unnatural methods. Unnatural methods are things such as diet pills, liposuction, other types of surgery, crash dieting, fad dieting, trying to starve yourself, etc. When you attempt to lose stubborn pounds as fast as possible with unnatural methods, there are a mountain of issues that are bound to pop up. Such as:

1.) Your metabolic rate will decrease… and this is certainly a counterproductive issue you do not want to happen. Because if it does… you STOP losing weight! In fact, your body will begin to retain calories instead of burning them off!

2.) You lose a ton of energy. This is a big problem for those trying to improve their bodies because it takes energy to exercise, and having an abundance of energy will also help you stay motivated with your program.

3.) You’ll cause problems with your digestive system. This includes feeling bloated a lot (which is something I dealt with a lot in the beginning), having constipation, diarrhea, stomach pains, and more.

4.) You run the risk of developing diseases and illnesses due to not supplying your body with adequate nutrition, having surgical procedures done, taking those dangerous diet pills (I’m not referring to safe supplements such as fish oil or green tea extract), and so much more.

This Is What Makes A Fast Diet Safe…

If you want to go on a diet and get lightning fast results (without risks), then it must be based on one very important rule if you want to ensure you not only get quick results, but that you also get natural and permanent results. The rule is that you must eat proper nutrients in a non-restrictive manner.

If you are not restricting nutrients severely, then you will be safe from side-effects, you’ll be safe from regaining weight you’ve just lost, and so much more.

Therefore, restricting carbs, calories, and fats are the types of programs I strongly recommend you avoid. The reason why is simple: Your body needs good carbs, good fats, and lowering your caloric intake too much is only going to force your body to start slowing down your metabolism to compensate for the loss of calories (as mentioned above).

So, What’s The Next Step…

What I suggest you do is to search for a program that is 100% natural and is the complete opposite of a “fad diet”. This means you should be EATING to lose your excess weight instead of restricting and/or starving. If you add in a powerful method of dieting (such as eating in a sneaky way to increase your bodies fat burning hormones), then you will be well on your way to lightning fast results… permanently.

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