Diet And Exercise Motivation: An Easy And Clever Way To “Trick” Yourself Into WANTING To Exercise And Eat Healthier!

The number one secret with getting diet and exercise motivation has nothing to do with getting some type of miracle food or doing some type of amazing fitness routine. And although they are very important and many will produce amazing results, it also has nothing to do with going on highly effective diet programs. The number one secret to getting unstoppable motivation to get the body of your dreams has to do with changing your mindset!

Think about it…

If your mindset is conditioned right now to opt for fast food on your lunch break, or to overload your plate during dinner, or to skip breakfast, or to sit and relax instead of exercising or doing some activity, etc., imagine what will happen if your mindset is RECONDITIONED to that of someone who is living a healthier lifestyle?

You see, I’ve learned during my battle with getting my body in shape that “tricking” yourself into wanting to exercise and eat healthier food options is very similar to religion.

In religion (no matter what your religion is), you can not just become religious. You have to stay consistent with getting closer to whatever you believe in… and THEN will you find yourself automatically following the principles of your religion… without forcing yourself.

In other words, it is very difficult (almost impossible) to try to force change on yourself… and the same goes for dieting and exercising.

So, the key to success with dieting and exercising is to ALLOW yourself to get into that mindset of healthy eating and staying active. DO NOT force it upon yourself. Doing this will only cause you to lose motivation, lose focus, give in to temptations and weaknesses, and end up unfortunately giving up.

Now the question is:

How can you ALLOW yourself to get into a healthy living mindset?

1.) Well, the first thing I recommend for you to do is to change your environment. What I mean by that is to surround yourself as much as possible with all things healthy. This could be motivational quotes based around losing weight, it could be photos, it could be screen savers on your computer, it could be fitness gadgets (even something as simple as a tape measure), etc.

2.) I recommend that EVERYDAY you read health and fitness magazines, newsletters, and blogs, watch health and fitness related YouTube videos, etc.

3.) Another thing you can do is to join groups online that are groups of folks just like you wanting to lose weight.

4.) Etc.

The bottom line is that it is very important that you realize you can not just easily switch off your lazy and unhealthy eating mental buttons. Those mental buttons took years to develop. The only way to easily switch them off and replace them with the wanting to eat healthy and exercise mental buttons is by changing your environment around and getting as involved as possible with everything diet and fitness.

Do this and you’ll AUTOMATICALLY build motivation and willpower to stick to your goals to improve your health and body!

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