Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals: The Top 4 Tools That Helped Me With Losing 52 Pounds Fast! (And Why)

Do you want to not only just get excited and motivated in the beginning with starting a diet, but also maintain that excitement and motivation to FINALLY achieve your weight loss goals?

Well, to ensure that happens, there are some things you need in place that will help you reach success… and will keep you motivated and consistent! And that’s what I wanted to talk to you about today…

Below I’m going to share with you the top 4 “tools” that helped me along my journey to losing a whopping 52 pounds of fat in 8 weeks. I’m also going to talk about WHY these tools helped me so much…

Tool #1

First up is a journal. Why? Well, by keeping a journal of what I did everyday, the progress I was making, the roadblocks I may encountered, etc., this helped me immensely with staying motivated and focused.

In a short time after starting the journal, I remembered feeling the desire to ensure that whatever I put in the journal each day was 100% positive (such as defeating a craving urge, I consumed my daily recommended amount of water, I had a great workout, and more).

Tool #2

A large quality water jug. Why? Firstly, drinking more water each day is EXTREMELY vital for your weight loss success. Without drinking enough water each day, you run the risk of maintaining water weight, having digestive issues, not building lean muscle, having a slow metabolism, and more!

Secondly, in the beginning of my diet, I had a hard time staying consistent with drinking a lot of water. Therefore, I went and purchased an inexpensive large (74 ounces) water jug, filled it up with water in the morning, and kept it with me throughout the day. This made it easier for me to stick with drinking the recommended amount of water you have to drink (which is 1/2 your body weight in ounces).

Tool #3

A DIGITAL scale. Why? Well, the secret to getting crazy motivation to stay consistent with your plan, the number one thing to aim for is… RESULTS. However, if you have a regular scale, when you look on the scale, you may in fact see the same weight you were before… and this can cause you to lose motivation.

That’s where a quality digital scale comes in.

With a digital scale, it gives you your exact weight (such as 234.4). It may not be much, but it sure does help motivation wise for example to see on one day 234.8, and then see 234.4 the next (a.4 drop in weight)!

Tool #4

A video recorder. Why? Video recording yourself really captures the essence of the way your current body weight and body shape is. And when you record yourself (such as walking towards the camera and then doing a 360 degree turn around) once a week, and you see the progress on film each time you record yourself, this will significantly increase your motivational levels!

What about dieting?

Well, you can lose up to 10 pounds every 2 weeks with this program HERE. This online fat loss diet helped me lose a whopping 52 pounds in 8 weeks simply by readjusting my eating patterns and eating fat burning meals (which are created for you with a diet generator program)!

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