8 Ways To Make Diet And Exercise More Fun!

The thought of dieting and exercising actually being fun sounds ridiculous! BUT, if you know what to do, then you’ll be amazed at how not only more fun losing weight can be, but also much MORE EFFECTIVE! Want to find out how? Read on for 8 ways to make your diet and exercise goals seem a lot more enjoyable!

For Fitness:

1.) Do body-weight circuit routines… Body-weight exercises are those fun routines that if done in a circuit (switching between exercises non-stop), not only will you have more fun doing them, you will also skyrocket your metabolism, build lean muscle, incorporate cardio into the workout (and this is because of doing the routines in a circuit), and you’ll get done the workout lightning fast (most workouts only last for about 10-20 minutes)!

2.) Listen to motivational music… Most already know this, but there is a little catch. It is a HUGE MUST that you listen to only the music that get’s you seriously “pumped up”! Don’t listen to music that you would usually just listen to, to unwind after a long day, etc. Listen to those specific songs that get your blood flowing, that causes goosebumps, and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! It’s been proven that listening to music can literally give you a significant boost of energy!

3.) Play sport activities… Nothing is more motivating and fun with exercising than playing a sport activity as your workout! It could be basketball (which is my favorite), tennis, swimming, racquetball, kickball, soccer, and so much more. Sport activities burn off a TON of calories… all the while you are having a ton of fun doing it!

4.) Companionship… Bring a companion with you to the gym, with you to your home or at their home, or, you can even bring them with you via mobile video (such as Skype)! Having a companion with you while you workout is an excellent way to get and stay motivated with exercising.

For Dieting:

5.) Avoid fad dieting… Trust me when I tell you that it is NOT going to be fun trying to lose weight and getting yourself in better health by going on one of those ineffective fad diets. Not only are those types of diets (such as low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie, pre-packaged meal programs, etc.) worthless, they are also very difficult to stick to.

6.) Avoid starving yourself… Nothing will make you more miserable during a diet than starving yourself. You MUST eat in order to lose weight! Yes, you read that correctly! It is very important that you do not starve your body, otherwise, you can end up causing your metabolism to slow down. In #8 below, I’ll explain what to do instead.

7.) Have a cheat meal (or snack) once in a while… One simple way to not only keep your cravings under control during a diet, but to also actually help boost your metabolism is to have a cheat meal once in a while! <— SERIOUSLY! Having a cheat meal once a week after eating VERY “clean” with an effective diet program consistently throughout the week has been proven many times to cause a spike in your metabolism! And of course, having a cheat meal will make your diet much more doable!

8.) Go on a diet that DOES NOT have you eat the same foods all the time, will have you eating more often, and will have you eating in a way to skyrocket your metabolism… If you want to lose weight and body fat, your metabolism has to be running very high on a consistent basis. One of the most proven effective (and simple) ways to do this is by eating not only more often during the day with smaller meals, but also by changing up the foods you eat in a specific pattern (known as shifting calories). This dieting technique is interesting, fun, and VERY powerful. This was a MAJOR part in how I was able to drop 52 pounds of body in just about 2 month’s time… permanently!

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