7 Ways to Cut Your Calorie Intake

Looking for easy ways to cut your calorie intake… without the setbacks that typically occur? Here are 7 ways you can NATURALLY and HEALTHILY reduce your calorie intake…

1. Sleep well

Your muscles need sleep to recover after workout. Be kind to yourself and make sure you get your seven to nine hours of sleep every day.

2. Eat at your leisure

If you are distracted while eating there is a slight possibility you might eat more than you need to eat. Our advice is to shut off the TV and eat at your leisure. That way you get more control of what you put into yourself and the meal becomes more harmonious.

3. Write a diary

Write a diary about what you eat during the day. That way you get an overview of how many calories you eat and which foods are making you lose weight slower. It is also wise to write down your workout you get during the day. That way you can see which weeks has given you the most weight loss and compare it, have you lowered your workout since that week? A food change?

4. Tell and receive support

Tell someone you know that you are on a diet. Tell that person what goals you have and why it is important for you to reach that goal. By being open you give your nearest a chance to support you.

5. Plan your meals, one week at a time

Put ten minutes in the beginning of every week to meal planning and write down all you are planning to eat during the coming week and then only purchase the ingredients for those meals. This way, you know how many calories you are going to get during the week and also you can’t eat more than you are supposed to.

6. Load your bag with meal replacements

Whether it would be a meal replacement bar or smoothie, a banana or an apple, make sure you load your bag, your desk and your car compartment with meal replacements for the days when you know you aren’t able to get home and cook your food or those days when you are lazy, or maybe you get stuck in a traffic jam or have to work over, whatever your reason, make sure you are ready.

7. Strength training to increase your metabolism

There is research that proves that women or men who do strength or resistance training once every two days increase their metabolism, or their daily burned calories, by 15 percent. Thus, strength training is good for both burning fat and increasing your muscle mass or maintaining what you already have.

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