7 Ways To Cure Anxiety Naturally

Looking for simple ways to cure anxiety naturally? In this article you’ll discover 7 ways you can beat anxiety starting today! Read on to learn more…

By: Mark Aylward

Have you ever found yourself freaking out for no apparent reason and when you stop to consider where this anxiety has come from, you begin to feel like it’s here to stay? The fear begins to escalate and you get scared that it’s going to spiral up into some dangerous place that you don’t want to go…

You start breathing heavily, maybe you start shaking, things get dark and hope seems miles away. You have to get outside or just “away” and your heart is beating outside of your body…

Anxiety and, in it’s more severe form, panic attacks, are a reality for most of us at some point in our lives.

I’ve had personal experience with both and taken it upon myself to do a great deal of research on anxiety for me, my kids and my friends.

What I’ve discovered is pretty amazing. Anxiety is not a sign of weakness and it doesn’t make you some sort of freak. As a matter of fact, the more I study anxiety and panic attacks, the more I begin to believe that anyone who claims that he has never dealt with anxiety is flat-out lying.

Our generation wants to run right to the doctor and then to the pharmacy to make anxiety go away. We think that prescription drugs are the panacea. Prescription drugs are evil. They are necessary in cases of severe mental conditions and infection. They are not the emotional candy they are purported to be.

Anxiety and panic attacks can be minimized, managed and even eliminated with simple natural foods, herbs, oils and techniques that are easy to grasp and simple to practice.

Here are 7 to ways to cure anxiety naturally to get you started:

Aromatherapy –

Surrounding yourself with the right essence can reduce anxiety. Lavender is supposed to be the most effective, but other essential oils that can help with anxiety include jasmine and sandalwood. You can enjoy aromatherapy either in a bath, or burn the oils while you rest and relax. The scents of lavender, eucalyptus and jojoba go straight to the amygdala-the brain’s fear and anxiety center-creating an immediate sense of calm which can also lower your blood pressure.

Mindful Exercises –

Meditation, deep breathing and other similar exercises can help reduce anxiety. Deep breathing exercises can make a world of difference. Deep breathing in a yoga class, at the office, or in the privacy of your home, is helpful for interrupting irrational thoughts. Someone told me once to carry a balloon with me because blowing up a balloon forces you to take long, slow breaths from the diaphragm. This type of breathing slows down your heart rate, can lower blood pressure, and helps your body use oxygen more efficiently, which has a calming effect on your mind.

Stop Anxiety

Massage Therapy –

Massage therapy is a great way to reduce anxiety because it eliminates tension and minimizes stress. Feeling relaxed and stress free will also limit your anxious feelings. Depending on your budget and schedule, regular massages can go a long way toward eliminating anxiety entirely.

Get Some Work Done –

When I get a bit panicky, it’s always somewhat related to being disorganized or a feeling that I have a ton of stuff to do and a lot of unfinished business. I find that just getting up and doing things to completion makes my mind relax. These could be simple tasks like the laundry or the dishes and they might also be more complicated things like detailed research or work related issues. A sense of accomplishment is a powerful enemy of anxiety.

Replenish Your Magnesium Levels –

When you are magnesium deficient, your stress levels increase, as do other conditions. Replenishing your body with lots of this much-needed element can help fight anxiety. Some common sources of magnesium are certain types of nuts and seeds, bran, cocoa powder (dark chocolate), dried herbs and molasses

Use Natural Medicines –

There are non-prescription medications that can aid in reducing anxiety and anxiety related physical ills. You can find these at pharmacies, health food stores, online and even the vitamin aisle at any store that stocks supplements. Iberogast, also known as STW5, is a liquid formulation of nine herbs that can help with a number of anxiety related symptoms. Lemon balm, lemon juice, ginger and honey are all readily available and effective “calming influences”.

And my favorite!… Get Some Exercise –

When’s the last time you worked out or went for a run and didn’t feel better. I’m sure there are scientific and physiological explanations for this effect having to do with endorphin and oxygen levels, but who cares. Exercise makes you feel better. If you’re out of shape or overweight and thinking you can’t do this, I have two points to make. One is that I will guarantee you that your lack of fitness is contributing to your anxiety… and two, is that anyone can go for a short walk or a swim and build their fitness back up. You don’t have to run 10 miles to feel better.

If you knock out all 7 of these, you’ll be on your way to a much calmer place and you’ll pick up a bunch of additional peripheral benefits. Just do one and step back and see what happens.

Pop pills if you want to mask your feelings of anxiety. If you want a more balanced life, flush the pills and master these 7 nuggets.

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