6 Tips For a Great Home Workout


If you want to lose fat and get lean, but you don’t want to go to the gym in order to do it, you don’t have to. You can do fantastic workouts at home without getting up from the couch.

In this short article, I want to talk with you about simple tips that you can implement in your future home workouts to help make them more effective and productive.

1. Turn off your phone, beeper, and email – You can’t let anything distract you while you’re doing your workout. You have to be focused on your exercises and nothing else. So, make sure you have the ability to perform a complete workout without interruptions.

2. Do a proper warm up – You can’t do a resistance training workout without warming up first. Do some jumping for a few minutes to loosen the muscles and get your heart rate up. You can do jumping jacks, use a rope, or run in place.

3. Start with some bodyweight lower body exercises – I find that when I start my workout with leg exercises that I do a better workout overall. Leg exercises such as squats and lunges immediately get me into the “workout mood” and my heart rate shoots up. This allows me to maintain an elevated heart rate when I move on to less intense exercises.

4. Know what your plan is – You need to have a workout plan in place with all the exercises that you plan on doing. This will help you to keep your workout fluid and free of interruptions. If you need to use certain workout equipment, a plan will enable you to get those ready in advance.

5. Get some minimal equipment – you can do incredibly effective workouts with no fitness equipment whatsoever. I did nothing but bodyweight exercises for a few months and I still got great results. However, having some equipment like a pair of dumbbells, a stability ball, a pull up bar, and ankle weights, can make it easier to do a more powerful workout. You will find that you can do more exercises and place greater strain on your muscles in the process.

6. Don’t forget to stretch – When you finish doing all of your exercises do not forget to spend a few minutes to do stretching exercises. They’re just as important when you do home workouts than they are when you train at the gym.

Now, go and do a powerful workout.

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Jonathan Dunsky writes about his experiences in health and fitness and helps people to eat and train better for fat loss and better health.

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