5 Things I Learned When I Stopped Losing Weight That TRIPLED My Results The 2nd Time Around!

Are you dieting and exercising right now and have unfortunately stopped losing weight? Well, don’t worry, you are NOT alone! This happens to many people (including myself)! The good news is that there are some things you can do to get back on track and perhaps even triple the results you have been getting! The bad news is that I had to go through some pain and frustration to learn these things so I can help YOU! Just kidding (lol).

Alright, let me get straight into it so that you can get started with applying these tips and get back on track…

1. You have to train your body to crave what it’s supposed to have…

Throughout the years of eating bad foods, the body has gotten accustomed to those foods. The moment you stop giving it those bad foods and replace them with healthy foods, your body starts acting like a child and throws a fit! This fit comes in the form of you being hungry a lot and having some serious cravings!

The best way to train your body is whenever you crave a particular bad food, replace it with a similar healthy food.

Here are some examples:

A.) If you are craving a bag of chips, replace it with a bag of cut up veggies.

B.) If you are craving ice cream, freeze some organic greek yogurt, and have a healthy high protein frozen treat.

C.) If you are craving pizza, MAKE a healthier alternative pizza AT HOME (do not trust those store bought “healthy” pizzas).

2. Sometimes you are NOT hungry…

You may be thirsty! That’s right, if you seem to get hungry a lot during the day, maybe it’s not hunger pangs you are feeling, it could be that your body is screaming out to you to hydrate it. So, the next time you get one of those strong hunger pangs, drink a good amount of water and see if there is a difference.

3. Water + salty, high in bad carbs (sugar), and processed foods = WATER WEIGHT!

If you are drinking water, great! But, if you are drinking water, plus you are consuming too much salt, eating foods high in sugar, and/or you are eating processed foods, then your body will retain water and add on several pounds! Also, not drinking enough water will cause your body to retain water as well.

4. There may be some critters living inside of you…

Sounds disgusting and creepy doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately, many of us may have parasites that are living inside our bodies. These nasty things can add on pounds, make you feel bloated a lot, give you stomach aches, and more.

To get rid of parasites, toxins, and pollutants in your body, you have to detox. Simply drinking a ton of purified water, drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with fresh lemon juice and water, eating plenty of fruit (especially dark grapes, red apples, plums, and oranges), and eating a lot of dark green veggies can help clean out your body.

5. You have to break your bodies comfort zone…

What I mean by that is your bodies metabolism has gotten used to you eating in a certain pattern for some time now. Because of this, it has either slowed down or it has become stagnant. Of course, there are other things that can slow your metabolism down as well (such as skipping breakfast, eating HUGE meals, not getting enough exercise, etc.). However, how, what, and when you eat plays a very large role in how fast your metabolism is running.

The way I fixed this was by doing a calorie shifting diet. This diet is based around eating MORE food, MORE often, BUT… with a twist. The twist is that you eat different types of foods in different intervals to basically “trick” your metabolism. What this ends up doing is causing your metabolism to increase pretty significantly. It also increasing your bodies fat burning hormones.

So, when you put it all together, you stop feeling hungry (because you’re eating more often), you don’t have to guess what to eat (because this type of program designs your menu plan for you with a software program), you skyrocket your metabolism and fat burning hormones, and then you lose a ton of body fat… very quickly. I actually lost about 50 pounds in 8 weeks with this type of diet.

Bottom line, if you have stopped losing weight, don’t stop reaching for your goals. Improvise, adapt, and overcome (using those tips above)… and you WILL get that body you have always wanted!

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