5 Simple Exercise Tricks That Will Help You Blast Off Fat Faster


Many people go to the gym day after day hoping to shed some pounds. However, if you are not aware of some simple tricks, your work will not be rewarded as well as it possibly could be.

Here are some simple tricks that will help you blast off fat a lot faster than your current fat loss rate and will boost your metabolism to new levels:

# Work out in a cool room

Our bodies produce heat when we train, and when the room we are training in is way too hot, we sweat too much and get tired quickly. As a result, we do not train for as long as we could have in a cooler room and we lose less fat. Try to find a cool room for your training – switch the air conditioner to a slightly lower than usual temperature at home, or try to find a gym with good air conditioning.

# Buy a heart-rate monitor

People burn most fat when they are working out in their optimal fat-loss heart-rate zone. For most people this is 80% and up from your maximal heart-rate. It is different for people of different ages, so having your own personal device to check where you are at makes a huge difference. If you are training properly in a heart-rate zone that is optimal for you, you will lose more weight faster.

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# Do not skip the warm up

Even if you are in good condition, you should always spend a few minutes before training to warm up. This will prevent you from getting injured and will also make your muscles more flexible. As a result you will be able to perform a larger range of motions and use more of your muscle fiber when training. After a good warm up your training will be more efficient and you will burn more calories.

# Exercise often without overdoing it

A well-known fact is that a workout boosts your metabolism for a period of time after leaving the gym. Some experts say that metabolism speeds up for an hour or two, while others say it can speed up for as much as six hours after training. This means that if you split your workout sessions into two shorter ones – one in the morning and one in the afternoon, you will have increased metabolism for more hours than after one longer training session.

# Minimize the time between sets

Many people take too long breaks between performing sets when strength training. If you stop for too long your heart-rate drops and the amount of fat you burn will not be as much as if you keep the pauses between the sets shorter. We have already mentioned that your optimal heart-rate for ultimate fat burn is 80% of your maximum heart rate and above, and this is also valid for strength training.

All of the tips above are very simple to incorporate into your training, require minimum investment and are easy to do. Even though simple, these tips will have a serious impact on your fat-blasting rate, and you will be seeing the body you always wanted to have in just a few months!

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