5 Natural Fat Burning Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

Every weight loss plan talks about fat burning foods. When you are losing weight, you must consume certain foods that can help you burn fat beside exercises.

Why certain foods can help you burn your body fat? It’s because those food can increase your metabolism. When your metabolism level is low, your body has to take a long time to flush away the food you consumed. And the food will turn into fat in your body if it doesn’t get metabolized.

Searching for the correct food to boost metabolism can be overwhelming. Here I listed 5 kinds of natural fat burning foods we can easily find from almost any supermarket or grocery store.


Citrus contains a lot of Vitamin C, and our body needs Vitamin C for many reasons. It is well-known essential substance for boosting our immunity. Remember when we are feeling sick with cold, doctors usually suggest us to take a lot of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C can also help our body to increase the speed of metabolism. It is highly suggested to add citrus fruit to your diet plan. There are many choices for citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, limes and tangerines. You can choose anyone you like or for your convenience.

Just remember, it’s always better to eat the fruit than drink fruit juice. Eating fruit doesn’t only consume Vitamin C but also fiber, because fruit contains fiber. Fiber is another fat fighter.


This is a little known fat burning food that actually can help you burn as much as 20% more fat than people don’t consume it. A lot of people might not know that ginger actually can improve blood circulation, because it can open up the blood vessels. This means another super metabolism booster.

Grains and Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the best choices for breakfast both referring from the health point and fat burning point. Having a bowl of warm oatmeal mixed with non-fat milk can boost your energy and keep your appetite low.

Oatmeal and grains contain carbs that can provide you energy, but the carbs get digested slowly so you won’t get hungry for hours after breakfast.

Oatmeal and grains also contain a great amount of fiber, which prevents increasing of blood glucose level and fatigue. By adding non-fat milk into oatmeal you get a combination of fiber and calcium which is proven a big fat burner. Plus, oatmeal and grains are perfect food for people who have high level of cholesterol.

Nuts and Beans

Nuts are beans are well-known fat burning foods. They contain high level of fiber like oatmeal, but they are different with oatmeal because they also contain a great amount of protein. If you are working out for building lean muscle, you must consume enough protein that can burn calories fast.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has several advantages referring health benefits. It’s been recommended by doctors for long enough to prove its value. Olive oil is unlike other oils containing saturated fat which is harmful to human body. Olive oil contains unsaturated fat which will increase HDL in your bloodstream. HDL is a kind of lipids referred as “Good Cholesterol“. By increasing the good cholesterol it also cleans the bad cholesterol from the arteries.

These foods are the most convenient and easiest fat burning foods to get from your nearest grocery store. Take some cardio exercises while dieting with these foods you will achieve your weight loss goal in a surprisingly shorter time you thought.

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