5 Killer Mistakes That Lowers Your Motivation To Exercise (And What To Do Instead)

Is it hard for you to get motivated to exercise? Do you find yourself dreading either going to the gym or doing an exercise routine at home? Well, if so, chances are you may be doing one or more of 5 mistakes that will QUICKLY lower your motivation to exercise and lose weight! Below you’ll discover what those mistakes are and what you can do instead:

1. You’re doing workouts greater than your current fitness level…

Many people (especially us men) want to skip past the beginner exercises that are designed to get our bodies primed for more advanced exercises. This is a HUGE mistake! When you do workouts greater than your current fitness level, you are more prone to injury, pain, and since you may not be able to fully complete the more advanced exercise, you’ll feel less motivated to workout.

The obvious solution to this problem is to progress in your workout regimen gradually. As you get acclimated to a specific weight with resistance training, or a certain amount of time with a cardio routine, or a level of intensity with a full body workout routine, etc., THEN move on to the NEXT level.

2. You’re doing ineffective exercises…

Spending too much time doing exercises that are either ineffective or are designed for people who are already in shape is certainly asking for trouble! This of course can end up causing you to lose motivation in a heartbeat given that you will be consistently exercising, but you are not consistently getting results!

The solution to this mistake is to focus more on doing exercises that are highly effective and are designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, and burn fat… and NOT maintain your current weight or to do physical therapy.

Which types of exercises are INEFFECTIVE for losing weight, burning fat, and building muscle? Isolation exercises (working out one muscle group at a time) and low-intensity steady-state cardio.

Instead, do workouts such as higher intensity cardio and compound muscle-building exercises (working more than one muscle group at a time). These types of exercises are what will develop a KILLER body… quickly!

3. You’re doing workouts improperly…

If you do workouts improperly, this will easily lead to pain or injuries. If you keep feeling pain or getting injured with exercising, then this obviously will lead to you losing motivation.

To fix this problem, simply spend more time learning how to do an exercise the right way, and ensure you have proper form. Also, I STRONGLY recommend you that you stretch before and after your workouts. Trust me on this… I had to learn this rule the hard way!

4. You’re scheduling your workouts at the wrong time…

Doing workouts at a time of day that is either inconvenient for you, or is at a time of day when you just don’t have the motivation, will surely make it a problem for you stay to motivated with fitness.

The best solution for this is to carefully think about what time of day you would be the most willing and the most comfortable with exercising. If it is first thing in the morning (which is the best time in my opinion), or at another time during the day, then make sure you stick to that time consistently. NEVER do workouts when it is too difficult for you to commit to this specific time on a consistent basis.

5. You’re not following a proven effective exercise program…

Many will see the commercials of some super intense at-home workout routine, or some awesome fitness gadget, and will quickly whip out there wallets and purses to buy these things. Unfortunately, most of those things either do not work or they fall into mistake #1 mentioned in the beginning of this article.

What I recommend you do is to get a proven effective exercise program designed for ANYONE. No matter if you are a man, woman, younger, older, have a busy lifestyle, you’re a beginner, you’re more advanced, you have a lot of weight to lose, or you have a little to lose, etc.

Also, I recommend you choose a program that DOES NOT require you to spend an arm and a leg! Getting an amazing body doesn’t mean you have to drain your bank account! You can look like a movie star or sports star… without the movie star and sports star money!

So, the best program I can recommend to you is an at-home exercise program that will Melt Away Fat LIGHTNING fast… WITHOUT needing any equipment, WITHOUT doing extreme workouts that will make you lose motivation on the FIRST day, and WITHOUT spending a fortune! This highly recommended program is not just an amazing at-home workout, it also has a proven effective SIMPLE diet program that will skyrocket your metabolism and have you drop pounds of fat like crazy!

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