4 Weight Loss Diet Secrets I Came Across By Accident!

When I was searching around for an effective diet, I frequently kept running in to those fad diet programs. You know, those “eliminate carbs from your diet”, “starve yourself thin”, “eat only THIS and lose weight”, “eat THIS and not THAT”, etc. I just knew that those types of programs were the best types to go on! I thought I had it all figured out… UNTIL… I failed… badly!

And so my search continued for trying to find the best diet for losing weight and losing body fat… and then something happened… I actually found a highly effective diet that FINALLY brought me significant results (which was a loss of 52 pounds of body fat in just around 2 months)! The funny thing is that I actually came across this type of diet by accident. I was still (unfortunately) looking for something at the time that was based around reducing carbs and doing other unnatural techniques… and that’s when I stumbled across this program! Talk about fate!

Anyway, after using this diet and then finding out that there were other diets just like it, I did tons of research (as you can tell from the amount of articles I have written on the subject), and there are 4 fat loss diet secrets I learned during my journey:

1. The best diets ENCOURAGE eating carbs! Yes, you read that correctly! Including carbohydrates into your diet is actually very important, and if you reduce them too much, you’ll end up putting yourself at risk for many problems (such as poor digestive system, and so much more).

The key here is that you must include GOOD carbs into your diet (which would be fiber and whole wheat), and reduce as much as possible BAD carbs (which would be sugar and white flour foods).

2. The best diets ENCOURAGE eating fats! Most people do not even realize how important and beneficial it is to have fats in their diet. Fats will help curb your appetite, improve your heart health, and so much more.

Now of course, I’m referring to healthy fats here. Please do not think it’s okay to eat bad fats (such as large amounts of saturated fat and definitely trans fat). Trans fat should be completely eliminated and saturated fat should be consumed very little.

The types of fats I’m referring to and what the more effective diet programs will encourage you to eat are monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and Omega Fatty Acids (such as nuts, fish, avocado, etc.). Those types of fats are healthy fats and is where you’ll gain many health and weight loss benefits. Considering they are still high in calories (except most fish), you of course are going to have to eat these foods in moderation.

3. The best diets DO NOT have you lower your calorie intake too much! The very first thing most people (including myself at one point) think about when it comes to losing weight is to simply reduce calories and exercise more. It doesn’t work that way. The reason why it doesn’t work that way is because you have to take your metabolism into consideration when trying to get in shape as well. The moment you start reducing calories too much, your body starts thinking that you are starving, and once this happens, the metabolism decreases so that it can store whatever calories you are eating… as EXTRA FAT!

The key to success with an effective diet is only SLIGHTLY reducing your calorie intake, and then utilize exercising as the primary source for burning off calories.

4. The best programs help you with designing a customized healthy menu plan. A good diet is not just going to have you download their program… and then guess on what it is you have to do as far as what and how to eat. A good program will actually take into consideration the types of foods you like, and then create a powerful fat burning meal plan based off of that selection. >> Here Is That Exact Type Of Diet I’m Talking About <== Click Here

The reason why this is so effective is because you will least likely end up giving up your diet given that you are eating foods that YOU LIKE, and if you have chosen the right program, you will be eating foods and eating in a special way that will cause tremendous results. And as I have said before in previous articles, the #1 secret for ultimate motivation is seeing, feeling, and getting RESULTS!