4 Step Plan To Make Your Stomach Flatter In Under A Month – This Works!

To make your stomach flatter, you DO NOT have to do anything restrictive, dangerous, or expensive to get results. Just because a lot of celebrities, sports stars, etc. have flat stomach’s and amazing bodies, doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you and I. I reached this goal, and trust me when I tell you, my stomach was freaking HUGE (lol)! The reason for my success, (and this was after failing many times before with all types of fad diets), is all laid out for you in the 4 step plan included in this article. If you want to know how to get amazing results… guaranteed, then read on to learn more!

Step 1. – Set The Base…

Nothing will stand firm if the base is not set. As this rule applies for building a house, the same rule applies for dieting and exercising. If you don’t have the base set, nothing else is going to work properly.

What’s the base?

The base is drinking plenty of water (one half of your body-weight in ounces of water is ideal), getting plenty of sleep every night, proper nutrition, and avoiding bad foods (processed, salty, bad fats, bad carbs) as much as possible.

Step 2. – Do Exercises That Will Burn Fat…

Lots and lots and lots of regular cardio MAY decrease weight… not fat so much. If you want to exercise to reduce stubborn fat, I recommend you focus more on building muscle and doing higher intensity exercises. These are the types of exercises that will burn off fat.

Also, please don’t make the VERY common mistake in thinking that abdominal exercises will make your stomach flatter. This is certainly not the case. Abdominal exercises strengthen your ab muscles and defines them. However, they do not remove the layer of fat that covers them. It takes those types of exercises above to shed the fat off your abs so that you can start to see more definition (and six-pack abs). By the way, your body fat has to be below 10% in order for abs to show very well.

Step 3. – Supplements I Recommend…

Supplements are not needed in order to get a flat stomach, but I still do recommend some if you want to speed up progress… along with improving your overall health as well. The supplements that I took (and still do by the way) that helped me reach my goals quicker are green tea extract, chromium, vitamins C and D, multivitamin, and fish oil. All of these supplements are 100% natural and will help you with your goals.

Also, on the topic of supplements, please don’t get caught in the trap of diet pills. They DO NOT work, they are way over-priced, and they have a lot of side-effects as well.

Step 4. – Go On A Fat Loss Diet, Not A Weight Loss Diet…

No matter what your goals are (such as losing weight, burning fat, building muscle, or improving your overall health), going on a diet centered around burning off body fat will work many times better than going on a diet for losing weight.

The reason why is because when you go on a diet for losing fat, it’s going to be way more easier to do, the results are going to come way more faster, you’re going to look way more better, and the results you gain are going to last permanently.

Here’s why:

A.) It’s going to be easier to do because you are not going to be starving yourself or doing anything too restrictive.

B.) The results are going to come faster because what you’ll be doing with a FAT BURNING diet are things that will skyrocket your metabolism. And a faster metabolism is a surefire way to melt away pounds of fat like crazy. I assure you, if you find a diet like this, and follow the other tips in this article, results WILL come in under a month.

C.) You’re going to look like a million bucks because when you focus more on burning fat instead of losing weight (which you’ll still lose weight obviously), you are going to be more toned and trimmed. Strong facial structure, abs, toned legs, butt, and thighs, strong and sexy looking back, and more is what you can expect to gain with this type of dieting and the type of exercising I mentioned above.

Doing nothing but a bunch of cardio and going on diets geared around dropping pounds by significantly decreasing calories is not going to bring those types of results.

D.) The results you’ll gain will be permanent because these types of diets are 100% natural and is what the body responds to the most.

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