4 Proven Steps To Unlock The Ultimate Motivational Secret To Stick To Your Weight Loss Goals!

Have you set diet and weight loss goals, but you’re having a hard time sticking to them? Do you find yourself starting or contemplating dieting and exercising… but never commit to it? Well, in this article here I’m going to talk about 4 proven steps I followed that unlocked the most powerful motivational secret there is, which then enabled me to stick to my goals until the end… and then some! Read on to learn more…

Step One – The first thing you have to do is to avoid diet and fitness programs that don’t work. You will never be able to unlock this motivational “secret” if you are wasting your time and money on diets and fitness methods that are ineffective.

The types of diets I recommend you avoid are diets such as low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie, and any other type of super-restrictive fad diet. These diets become very popular because either celebrities are endorsing them (to make money of course… and that’s it), or because they “seem” as if they would be highly effective and fun to do. You don’t need me to tell you that “seeming effective” and “being effective” are certainly two different things.

The type of exercising I recommend you avoid is anything that puts way too much emphasis on low-intensity cardio. Although low-intensity cardio (walking, jogging, etc.) is effective for many things, if you have a lot of weight to lose, this type of exercising really isn’t going to be effective.

Step Two – The second step is to choose an effective diet program and exercise plan.

The type of exercise approach I recommend is short higher intensity cardio and resistance training.

Higher intensity cardio takes way less time to do (as little as 10 minutes per session), but yet will burn off more calories and fat. Examples of this type of exercise are H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) and circuit training (rotating between body-weight workouts without stopping) to name a couple.

Building lean muscle has so many benefits it’s crazy! Many people (especially women) fear building muscle because they think that they will get too big and bulky or they will never lose weight since muscle weighs more than fat. My friend, don’t worry about it. Building muscle burns off fat, burns a ton of calories, and since building muscle increases your metabolism, you’ll be burning off calories AFTER the workout is done as well! Oh, and the same things happen if you do higher intensity cardio!

As far as diet plans are concerned, nothing works more better than a diet based on getting 100% proper nutrition and then using proper nutrition to skyrocket your metabolism.

Step Three – Follow the basics of a healthy lifestyle. This includes:

Drinking more water every day. To ensure you’re getting enough water, simple take the weight you are at now, divide that number in half, and then drink that amount in ounces of fresh water daily.
Getting more sleep. At least 7 hours every night will do the trick.

Avoiding the most terrible foods. This includes processed foods, foods with a ton of bad fat (such as saturated and trans fat), salty foods, and foods with empty calories (junk foods).

Step Four – Now, what you have to do here in this last step is incredibly important. You MUST follow all 3 steps above for just one week consistently… and by consistently… I mean VERY CONSISTENTLY! Do not miss one single part of anything I mentioned above. Do everything for just one week. And then guess what’s going to happen?

You are going to unlock the ultimate motivational secret to continue your mission to get the body you have always wanted!

What’s the secret? The secret my friend is results! By doing all those steps above… consistently, you are going to without a doubt end up with some pretty impressive results in the first week. For me it was 5 pounds lost, my clothes were fitting looser, and I felt more energy! Guess what that did for me? It gave me incredible willpower and motivation to stick to my goals until the end (which was 52 pounds lost in 8 weeks)!

Bottom line, it’s all about getting results as quickly as possible to have crazy motivation to stick to diet and exercising. Going on fad diets and doing useless workouts will on the other hand cause you to lose motivation in a heartbeat since you will certainly not getting any significant results any time soon! Choose an effective diet program (I highly recommend THIS ONE HERE), an effective exercise method, follow the basics of a healthy lifestyle, and stick with it all consistently for at least one week, and then watch how motivated you’re going to be once you see some AMAZING results!

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