4 Frustrating Issues That Could Be Keeping You From Losing Weight Quickly (Plus 4 Simple Solutions)

Anyone who has a goal to lose a lot of weight will more than likely hit a point during their journey where they will become extremely frustrated, they may lose motivation, they may lose focus, and unfortunately, most will end up giving up. If this is something you have experienced, you are experiencing, or it is something you don’t want to deal with once you begin your diet program, then this article is just for you.

Today I’m going to talk about 4 very common problems that cause dieters to reach those negative stages, and I’m also going to give you my personal 4 solutions to those annoying problems so that you can get on your way to the body you deserve… and quicker than you ever possibly imagined!

Alright, here are those 4 problems and the 4 simple solutions to those problems:

You’ve reached a weight loss plateau. Reaching a weight loss plateau can come about in many ways. But here are two of the most common reasons:

It could happen due to being on fad diets (restrictive diet programs). Or it could happen from continually doing the same things without making adjustments as you make progress (such as the amount of calories you are eating, the intensity and types of exercises you are doing, etc.).

The simple solution to this problem is to never do the same things often. Sorry I don’t have a more “fancy” way of describing this (lol)! But seriously though, it really all does come down to simply never doing the same things too often if you want to assure you don’t reach a plateau.

As far as fitness is concerned, change up your exercise routines (length of time, intensity level, different workouts, etc.).

As far as nutrition is concerned, one of the best things you could do is shifting calories around. You do this by strategically rotating the types of calories you are eating. There is a program out based on this technique that creates a menu plan based around this method. This is something that really made a huge difference with my progress and prevented me from ever reaching a plateau.

You have a busy lifestyle. Being busy is something that a very large percentage of us go through… and because of this, it usually hinders our commitment levels to a body transformation program. Problems arise by not being able to eat more frequently throughout the day (which is a VERY important thing to do to get amazing results), being able to exercise, drinking water consistently, ensuring you’re getting a nutritious breakfast, getting plenty of sleep, and more.

The best solution that I recommend for people who have a busy lifestyle is to stop being busy! Just kidding!

Seriously, what I recommend you do if you have a busy lifestyle is to take the time out and plan your day to include everything there is you have to do in regards to getting the body of your dreams. There is always a way to get in great shape and health regardless of one’s lifestyle.

A couple of examples: You could do a quick (10-20 minute) high intensity workout first thing in the morning. To be able to eat more often, you could have whey protein shakes and/or nutritional homemade vegetable/fruit smoothies as “in-between meals” throughout the day. To avoid having to cook, simply prepare your meals in advance the night before or the morning of. You get the idea.

You feel a lack of energy. Not having an ample amount of energy is a surefire way to lose motivation… especially with exercising.

To get around this, I recommend that you first avoid doing anything unnatural. Unnatural fad diets (which are basically programs that you want to dramatically decrease calories and nutrients) will clearly cause your body to rebel… and will therefore lead to you not only having insignificant results, stomach aches, headaches, and more, but also a decrease in energy.

Second, I recommend that you drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest, and stick with natural dieting. These are some of the things that will keep your energy levels high and steady.

You’re just not getting results. Again, fad dieting is yet another culprit to another problem people have with trying to get in shape. This time it has to do with you just not getting results!

Your body is a machine, and it needs nutrients and calories to keep running on all cylinders. Fad dieting prohibits in some way shape or form those nutrients and calories from being supplied to your body. As an end result, you’ll lose energy (as mentioned above), you’ll end up putting weight back on once you’re done the diet, you’ll find it very hard to stick to, and so much more.

The solution to this is to simply stick with all natural dieting. This means that you technically wouldn’t be on a “diet” per se. You should be eating real foods, without starving yourself, without developing annoying cravings, you should be able to transition back to “normal eating” without problems, and it should be something that will produce permanent results.

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