4 Extremely Effective Steps To Burn Fat Fast – (You Might Want To Go Buy A Smaller Belt!)

Are you a “bottom line” kind of person? You know, someone who just wants to get to the point of a situation? If so, then you might find this article pretty refreshing! Today in this article here, I’m going to talk about and get straight to the point with 4 extremely effective steps that can help you burn fat fast, improve your total health, and where you can also do so 100% naturally. These tips helped me tremendously, and is the reason why I’m recommending them to you. In fact, they are so powerful, you might want to get a smaller belt and clothes before you start!

1. First things first. Be sure that 80% of your focus is what goes in your belly…

That’s right, the key to unlock the body of your dreams is in your refrigerator and cabinets. You MUST ensure that you are eating the right foods in the right patterns if you want to get in the best shape possible.

I know that it can be pretty confusing these days with what works best for getting proper nutrition… to say the least! However, it’s not really difficult at all. In fact, proper nutrition to burn fat pretty much comes down to:

A.) Eating many different types of nutrients that your body needs (healthy fat, healthy carbohydrates, foods high in antioxidants, protein, vitamins, and minerals).

B.) NEVER avoiding breakfast and making sure that this meal is jam-packed with all types of nutrients. This ensures you won’t get annoying cravings later in the day, it helps boost your metabolism, increases your energy levels for the day, and more.

C.) Eating every 2-3 hours with lower calorie meals. Now, please understand when I say low-calorie, I’m not talking about low-calorie dieting. I’m talking about eating meals that are lower in calories, BUT, eating MORE meals spread throughout the day. Low-calorie dieting is dangerous and can lead to your metabolism slowing down.

D.) Eating to keep your metabolism guessing. This means shifting your calorie intake to prevent your metabolism from settling down to a particular pattern of how you eat.

2. Second, respect the power and intelligence of your body…

The greatest machine in the world is the human body… and it will always be so. Unfortunately, many people don’t respect the power and intelligence of their bodies (especially when it comes to dieting). So many people will end up trying to do elementary-dieting which is the simple shotgun approach (eating a WHOLE LOT less calories, starving one’s self, severely decreasing carbs and/or fats, etc.).

Although in theory lowering your calorie intake, decreasing carbs, and decreasing fats is important, doing so to the extreme is asking for trouble! Reducing nutrients too much, such as carbs and fats, is a bad idea because just like I mentioned in #1 above, it’s important to include good carbs and good fats into your diet if you want to burn fat fast. This is because those types of nutrients help boost your metabolism (among other things).

It’s also a bad idea to severely reduce calories because doing so will only cause your body to reduce the metabolism because the body thinks you are starving. When the body reduces the metabolism, your ability to burn fat also reduces as well! Give your body what it wants (what I mentioned in #1) and it will give you what you want (a lean and sexy body)!

3. Third, be sure to exercise to burn fat…

I know that sounded kind of “simple”, but let me explain. You see, many people jump on the treadmill or do some other type of long duration cardiovascular exercises simply so that they can burn off a ton of calories. Burning calories is fine. However, if you want to get fat loss, you have to exercise to burn fat… not just lose calories.

How do you that?

Well, in order to get rid of fat through exercises, I recommend that you (if you haven’t done so already) adjust your cardio around to do more high intensity exercises (such as sprinting or circuit training routines) or high intensity interval training (doing high intensity and low intensity workouts in one).

High intensity exercises and high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) are exercises that REALLY get your heart rate up quickly. These types of exercises will skyrocket your metabolism, they’ll cause fat to melt away, they provide you with a ton of energy after the workout is done, they take WAY LESS time to do (10-20 minutes for a great workout), and they will continue to keep your metabolism running high even after the workout is done! If you don’t believe me, try wearing a calorie counter watch and watch how the calories burned continues to increase long after your workout is done!

Another thing I recommend you do is resistance training. Building lean muscle is by far the smartest thing you could do to burn fat. This is because having muscle tissue on you automatically burns off fat in order for it to develop!

4. Lastly, make sure you are on a fat burning diet and not a weight loss diet…

Basically, a diet based solely on dropping pounds is one that is based around reducing calories or nutrients way too much. This is better known as fad-dieting. Diets such as this are all around the place (Internet, T.V., magazines, etc.). They persuade folks like you and me to drop hundreds of dollars on their programs only to either not get any results or we end up with a slower metabolism!

If on the other hand you go on a diet based around decreasing your body fat percentage, you’ll find that it is a much more practical approach to dieting and improving one’s health. You will be eating instead of starving, and you will be doing all the right things to skyrocket your metabolism to burn off pounds of fat like crazy. This is the type of program I used, and a loss of 52 pounds of fat later, I learned through trial and error that a diet centered around lowering your body-fat percentage is by far the best thing you could do.

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