4 Diet And Exercise Traps That Will Keep You From Getting Your Dream Body! (And How To Escape Them!)

With there being so much information, so many programs, so many products, and so many diets out here, many people are finding themselves caught in diet and/or exercise traps! These traps will keep you from ever developing the body you have always wanted. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I have for you in this article 4 common traps… and what you can do to escape them! Read on to learn more.

Trap #1 – Thinking that you need exercise equipment or a gym membership in order to get in shape…

How To Escape – You DO NOT need exercise equipment or a gym membership to change your body around! Now, this is of course only if you are not looking to get some type of body builder type of body. But if you are looking to lose weight, build some muscle, and burn off fat, then you can certainly get the job done… at home… and using JUST your body-weight.

Trap #2 – Thinking that you need to starve yourself…

How To Escape – Starving yourself in an attempt to lose weight is a disaster waiting to happen! In theory, you would think that simply reducing calories as much as possible would be the answer to getting quick weight loss… but this is further from the truth.

Starving yourself slows your metabolism down. And once this happens, a large portion of the calories you eat after your metabolism has decreased will be stored as excess body fat!

Eating only slightly less than the amount of calories you need to eat to maintain your current body-weight is ideal. For example, let’s say that you need to eat 2200 calories a day to maintain your current body weight. The best thing to do is to only reduce that to say 1900 calories. To lose weight, focus more on doing exercises to burn off calories. Never starve yourself to reduce your calorie intake.

Trap #3 – Thinking that if you drink too much water, you’ll gain weight…

How To Escape – Drinking more water is a VERY common weight loss tip. In fact, a high percentage of my articles talk about the important of drinking more water (INCLUDING THIS ONE!). That’s right, it IS important to drink more water, and you DO NOT gain weight by drinking more water. The reason why is because with the more water you drink, the more your body will get rid of excess water in your body (better known as water weight). Also, drinking more water get’s rid of toxins in your body (that can make you fatter), it helps your digestive system, increases your metabolism, and so much more!

The only way drinking water can add pounds on to you is if you are not drinking enough… and then you eat a lot foods high in sodium and if you eat processed foods.

Trap #4 – Thinking that you need to go on some restrictive diet…

How To Escape – Contrary to popular belief, going on low-carb and low-fat diets are very ineffective and will cause you more problems than you had prior to dieting! The reason why is because those types of diets not only restrict bad carbs and bad fats (which is important to do), but they also restrict good carbs and good fats. The problem is that your body needs good carbs and good fats to effectively burn off pounds of fat and to keep you in good health.

The best thing to do is to go on an all natural diet that is not restrictive and is based on EATING TO LOSE WEIGHT… not starving yourself or restricting nutrients. I went on a diet like this and I found it to be WAY easier to stick to, I lost weight lightning fast, and my results came about very consistently… and permanently. You can learn more about the program I used HERE.

Good luck!