3 Toxic Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For A Diet Plan (Unless You Like Making Them Rich!)

The basic principles of living a healthier lifestyle will get you in shape and improve your overall health. However, if you have a lot of weight to lose, and/or you need to have consistent motivation during your body transformation, then going on a high quality diet program is highly recommended. But there is a problem…

The diet industry is a billion dollar industry with executives laughing their way to the bank… and not solely because many people have had great success with diets. It’s a billion dollar industry because most of us are making one or more of the following toxic mistakes:

1. Falling into the fad trap…

What this means is starting and stopping diet programs based off of what’s popular now… instead of committing to one diet and reaching your goals. This is not to say that all diets are effective, but some of them are… and when you find that one that is effective, it is vital that you stick to it until you reach your goals.

Not only will you avoid spending a boat load of money, you also avoid causing problems with your health due to jumping on and off diet programs, and you also avoid causing problems mentally as stopping and starting diets can cause you to lose a great deal of motivation.

2. Your primary focus is the price of the program…

When it comes to going on a successful diet, I learned the hard way that you should never shop for a diet to go on simply based off of price. And this goes for choosing a diet because it is costly (as if it would indicate it’s an effective diet) or because it is cheap.

The price of a diet program is a very minuscule indicator on whether the diet is going to work or not. There are some programs that cost under 50 dollars and works SEVERAL times better than programs costing SEVERAL times more… and vice versa.

3. Choosing an unnatural and ineffective diet…

One of the worst things you could do when shopping for a diet plan is choosing a program that is unnatural. Simply put, unnatural = ineffective + side-effects.

An unnatural diet is a diet that is based on severely restricting nutrients and/or calories. For example, there are some diets out there where you eat nothing but protein. Now, eating lots of protein is very important, but ignoring complex carbs, healthy fats, and foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals is asking for trouble!

Another example is some of those detox diets out there. Now, don’t get me wrong, cleansing your body is HIGHLY recommended (you’ll be amazed at how much waste and toxins your body has). However, several of these detox programs are very unnatural and can end up causing some serious issues with your metabolism, digestive system, and more. My recommendation is to do a natural detox. A natural detox is simply drinking more water, eating plenty of raw fruits and veggies, and getting plenty of antioxidants in your diet (such as berries).

So, What’s The Bottom Line When Shopping For A Diet?

Well, I highly recommend you choose a natural diet program that is based on eating all kinds of nutrients that your body requires, it should significantly increase your metabolism (naturally), and it should be a diet that you can implement easily into your daily lifestyle.

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