3 Reasons Most Fail With Their Diets (And The 3 Solutions That Will Make You Successful!)

There are 3 very common other problems that cause many people to fail during their diet (including myself at one time) that goes beyond ignoring the basics of living a healthy lifestyle. In this article I’m going to talk about what those three things are and the simple solutions to those problems. Take some time out of your busy day and read on to learn more!

1. Paralysis By Analysis…

One of the most (if not THE most) common problem people have in the beginning of their mission to lose weight is that they suffer a case of paralysis by analysis.

This means that you’re spending too much time analyzing so many different techniques to lose weight, so many different diets, and on, and on, that you get to the point where you just end up doing NOTHING. On top of that, you also end up extremely frustrated.

The best solution to put an end to paralysis by analysis is to know the basics of getting the body of your dreams and then find a diet that includes those basics.

What are the basics? It’s eating ALL types of nutrients (healthy fats, healthy carbs, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and protein)… and NOT starving yourself. It’s eating smaller meals more often during the day. And it’s all about eating foods in a way to skyrocket your metabolism (such as shifting calories, having cheat meals strategically, adding spices to your foods, and more).

Also, it’s always important to never forget the core principles. The core principles are drinking plenty of fresh water every day, getting lots of sleep, and exercising at least 3 times a week (doing BOTH cardio and resistance training).

2. Committing To Something You Can’t Commit To…

There is nothing worse than starting a diet program full of excitement and motivation and then end up frustrated with the program after you have realized you can’t commit to it for some reason. It could be due to your family life, work life, medical problem, etc.

The solution is very simple. Find a program that is very easy to follow but at the same time is very effective.

For example, the program I went on was simply based around eating 4-6 meals a day, and then just rotate which meals I ate on specific days… and that’s it. No starving myself, no need to purchase expensive diet foods, no waiting for prepackaged meals to come in the mail, no crazy fitness programs to follow, and no complications. Although the diet was very easy to follow, it was also extremely effective as well (I dropped 52 pounds in 8 weeks permanently)!

By the way, please don’t get caught up in the web of deception with a lot of these celebrity endorsed diet programs! You see those commercials all the time, and you see the celebrity making dramatic changes to their body by using XYZ diet program. You then think you can do the same thing. Unfortunately, this just may not be the case. Because you see, the one thing that they cleverly leave out in those commercials is that the celebrity also underwent a rigorous exercise regimen, they had EXPENSIVE personal trainers, and more!

3. Simply Choosing An Ineffective And Unnatural Diet…

The #1 problem that those trying to lose weight end up with is simply choosing an ineffective and unnatural diet. As I mentioned above, please don’t fall for diet programs simply because a celebrity used it and got success. The way you find a diet that is natural and effective is by using the following guidelines:

A. It has to be something that is okay for you to follow based on your current health. If possible, I highly recommend you consult your physician before beginning any diet and/or exercise program.

B. It has to be based on eating and not starving.

C. It must be based on eating natural foods and not prepackaged meals or processed foods.

D. It must not be super restrictive.

E. And it must be easy to follow and will fit into your daily lifestyle.

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