3 More Easy Tricks To Lose Belly Fat Extremely Fast

Does being able to lose belly fat extremely fast sound impossible? If you answered yes, then this article may come as a shock to you. I’m about to reveal 3 simple fat loss tricks I followed (and still do) that caused belly fat to burn off incredibly fast. So fast in fact that I was noticing significant results every other day! How is that for developing crazy motivation to keep going with your diet and exercise program?! Seeing results taking place every other day is for sure an excellent motivator. If you want to experience results like this, then read on to learn more…

But First, Here I Was I Recommend You Avoid Doing…

Please put down the ab exercise machine! Ab exercises will not get rid of that stubborn fat around your stomach.

Doing ab exercises (the right kind) are great for TONING your abdominal muscles and for strengthening your core. By the way, the best ab exercise for me personally are ab exercises done on a fitness ball. You’ll get a full range of motion attacking your entire abdominal area, you put less strain on your back, and you’ll stretch your abdominal muscles at the same time.

Also, another thing I recommend you avoid doing is going on fad diets that promise to reduce stubborn fat and weight fast. Fad dieting (eliminating or seriously reducing nutrients and calories) are nothing more than a surefire way to end up right back where you started. And this is because those programs will only cause your metabolic rate to decrease during and after you’re done the diet. When that happens, your body will shut down and begin to store several of the calories you eat as body fat. Pretty counterproductive isn’t it?

Now, Here Are My 3 Simple Fat Loss Tricks…

1. Do a different body-weight circuit routine EVERYDAY…

WAIT! Do not get scared off just yet! I know you’re probably thinking: “Did he really just say exercise EVERYDAY”? “Is he crazy”! Well, yes, I am crazy (lol), but there is a catch with doing these exercises, and you’ll then see why it’s no big deal to do them every day.

Okay, the first thing to know about doing these exercise circuits is that they only take about 10-15 minutes to do… and that’s it. See, I told you it wasn’t going to be a big deal!

But, it goes a little further than that. What you want to do is to change up your circuit everyday. By doing this, you are accomplishing several things at once. For one, you won’t be bored. For two, you will be causing muscle confusion (especially if you increase the intensity of your circuits as your body gets adapted to your current circuits). For three, you will be providing yourself with crazy energy for the whole day if you do these workouts in the morning. And lastly, these workouts will increase your metabolism… which will cause belly fat to melt away like crazy!

For these exercises, all you need to do is to pick out 5-7 different body-weight exercises and do them in a circuit (non-stop) for one set, rest for 60 seconds, and repeat the circuit 3-5 times. The intensity is incredible, so be prepared to sweat… and have fun!

For myself, doing these workouts are incredibly fun, very motivating, and they produce lightning fast results (more strength, flexibility, faster fat loss, more energy, they are done incredibly fast, and you can do them right at home with NO EQUIPMENT)!

2. Drink water like you live in the Sahara Desert…

Now, it’s important that you really understand what I just mentioned to get my point about how to drink water. If you lived in the Sahara Desert, would you drink water once in a while? Would you drink the recommended 6 glasses a day? Nope!

To get the best benefits of drinking water, I first recommend that you CONSISTENTLY drink water throughout the day. The reason why is simple: For water to be effective, you have to STAY HYDRATED. In other words, you should rarely be thirsty.

Second, I recommend that you get the right amount of water. The best way to figure this out is to simply divide your CURRENT weight in half and consistently drink that amount in ounces of fresh water every day. If you have a strenuous job that causes you to sweat a lot, then I recommend you drink a little more.

3. Eat the 2 types of foods that DESTROY belly fat with every meal…

First, I recommend that you find a diet program that is based on eating 4-5 small meals a day (THIS ONE HERE is one that I highly recommend). Also, I recommend that you ensure it has a feature that will design a delicious, natural, and custom (where YOU choose the foods you want to eat) menu plan for eating frequently throughout the day and also in a way that will boost your metabolism. This is the kind of diet I went on that significantly helped me get a flatter stomach and lose a ton of weight. I recommend you put your primary emphasis on this part since PROPER NUTRITION is by far the most important rule for getting a flatter belly.

Now, the 2 types of foods I highly recommend you include with every meal are raw foods and protein. Raw foods enhance your digestive system through detoxification and getting rid of bloating… which will help decrease your belly. Protein helps build muscle… which burns fat, it helps keep you fuller for longer, and your body has to burn a ton of calories in order to process protein. Just make sure you are eating lean protein for best results.

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