3 Killer Exercises That Burn Stubborn Belly Fat and Build You a Sexy Beach Body With Six Pack Abs

We all want to look good for the beach, having those six pack abs and a lean beach body which women adore. In order for you to get that sort of body you need to start working on different types of exercises because if your reading this article then your obviously not happy with your body. You need to challenge your body with workouts and exercises which turn your body into a fat burning machine. The 3 exercises which I’m now going to reveal will burn stubborn belly fat, build you a strong core and build you six pack abs.

Plank walkouts

These are a great exercise that really work your core and if you do these combined in a circuit or a cross fit circuit then you will see that they are a killer workout for your abs and core. There quite simple to do, you start in the standing position reach down to the floor and walk out with your hands until you are fully stretched out and then walk back again with your hands until at your feet and then stand up again. This is one rep, do as many as you feel comfortable but usually doing around 10 reps will be plenty good enough if you are doing them as part of a circuit.

Split squat jumps

These are great for burning body fat, building your core and really leaning your abs up. They are basically lunges but with a jump so that way they are more explosive and your engaging your abs and core more. A jumping lunge with each leg forward is one rep. Do as many as you can but a good number would be around 50 which is 25 each leg. These are great exercises and will really help to burn body fat and tone up your body.

Hanging leg raise cloud kickers

These are an advanced exercise but are awesome for building a solid core and six pack abs and tightening up your oblique area. They are leg raises when hanging from a pull up bar but when you go into a leg raise position you go all the way up and touch the pull up bar above you with your legs, keeping them as straight as you can. A slight bend is OK but try to keep your legs as straight as possible. These are one of the best exercises to do if you want to build a strong core and six pack abs.

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