3 Critical Components To Long Term Weight Loss

Have you been wanting to not only ensure you lose weight, but to also ensure you get long term weight loss? Well, there are a few key components that will help guarantee success. In today’s article, Gretchen Jack shares with you 3 critical components to lose weight… for good:

Could your weight fall off as well as the leaves off the trees during this wonderful autumn season? You bet it could! With the right plan and the right attitude, anything and any amount of weight is possible. The trick is: being realistic about what is possible. You are human after all.

Here are three main factors in that are critical to being successful in long term weight loss.

1. Your state of mind. Many of us women are just too too hard on our selves. We expect ourselves to do it all. Be the Mom of the year, Mrs. Susie Homemaker, and of course add in breadwinner. Yikes. When is there time to sleep? No wonder Moms have such a hard time with weight. Add n top of that the guilt women seem to possess about past actions of not getting things done and then they wallow in guilt and become hopeless about it all. Not necessary!

The first thing you need to do is sit back, Take a BIG breathe and pull out a calendar and chart what you are going to do for your health and weight loss. You know the statistics are clear that most dieter’s gain back the weight they lose. You do not want to be one of them. So you are going to be realistic about what you can do for weight loss.

Take a look at all aspects of your life. Family, home, work, and social commitments. Be realistic about what you can fit in. That way you are eliminating the guilt right up front about not being able to do it all. When you see all your commitments on paper, you realize how much you are getting done all the time….just not giving yourself enough credit.

Plus, it helps that the family see’s the big picture too.

2. Get a buddy to go along this journey with you. If it happens to be your husband, that’s great. But even better yet, a girlfriend or neighbor who shares the same goals. You will be able to motivate each on a daily basis and that is a critical component. Even if it’s not a workout day, keep the contact..because it keeps your mind and spirit in the game. Just think of how many times people have said: ” That Susie…she had such spirit..it carried her when things looked bleak”

3. Know your personality type and what your tendencies are. That way you will be able to tailor your plan to work for you. If you are an introspective type of person….participating in the company volleyball team is not a good choice for you. Walks at the track would work much better with earphones tuned in with calorie burning music to move your feet.

Put these three categories in place for yourself and you have a winning combination to begin your good health journey to your goal weight. Never, never give up. Just keep adjusting those sails until you get on the right course. Also, Click Here for an amazing diet system that will not just bring quick fat loss… but permanent results… without starving yourself!

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