3 Amazing Ways To Easily Lose Pounds Of Fat On Autopilot

For losing weight, speed is certainly something most people want, and they also want to ensure it happens naturally. Is this something you want as well? Even more than that, do you want to ensure that with whatever it is you are doing to get in great shape, that the results you are busting your butt to gain are coming CONSISTENTLY?

Alright, if you want very quick and very consistent results, then if you read this entire article you’ll see which 3 powerful methods that helped me not just get fast results, but also consistent, natural, and permanent results as well. If you follow everything in this article, I can assure you that you too can drop several pounds as well… on autopilot!

The First Rule Of Successful Dieting Is?

Stay 100% natural. The body is incredibly intelligent. Restricting foods and calories (better known as unnatural fad dieting) will not fool the body. Our bodies need the appropriate amount of calories (based off of whatever current weight you are at now), and it needs many different types of nutrients. This is important not only to consistently lose weight and body fat, but to also ensure you enhance and protect your overall health.

So, if you want to ensure you get amazing results, then I highly recommend you avoid fad dieting, taking diet pills, or spending a fortune on those prepackaged meal programs (the foods in those programs are processed and loaded with sodium to keep them fresh)!

Now onto those 3 amazing ways to easily lose pounds lightning fast… and consistently!

My friend, the key to get amazing results quickly and consistently rests with your metabolism. If you have found yourself struggling to get the weight down or shed body fat, then more than likely the culprit is your metabolism. But don’t worry, there are 3 extremely simple and extremely effective ways you can fire up your bodies internal fat burning engine and start shedding fat like crazy!

1. Do high intensity interval training…

High intensity interval training (or H.I.I.T for short) is a dynamic type of exercise that is based around alternating between high and low intensity within a workout. This is EXTREMELY effective because both high and low intensity exercising both have great benefits with getting in shape. So imagine what would happen if you combined both together?! Also, this type of exercise takes a WHOLE LOT less time than traditional exercising.

2. Grow what the body is meant to have…

Muscle! If you want to consistently burn pounds of fat off, one of the most important and guaranteed effective things you could do is to build lean muscle. And if you are a woman, please understand that I am not talking about building gigantic muscles. In order for a woman to get huge, she would have to take dangerous drugs. So don’t worry, if you build muscle, you are NOT going to get huge. You are going to look absolutely AMAZING!

Now, with building muscle, one important tip that I highly recommend you take note of is to focus more on doing compound movements instead of isolation exercises. Compound movements (exercises that work multiple muscle groups and will usually engage your core such as push-ups, squats, bench press, and dead-lifts) are by far the fastest and most effective exercises for building lean muscle and burning off calories. Isolation exercises (working one specific muscle) are okay to a degree, but are not nearly as effective as compound exercises.

The simple answer to why compound movements work the best is simply because when you do these types of exercises, you are using multiple parts of your body to complete a movement, and you are exercising the larger parts of your body (which will cause several fat calories to burn off).

3. Eat, switch, eat, switch…

What this means is to first eat often throughout the day with tiny meals (such as four to six 300-400 calorie meals), and then rotate the types of nutrients you are eating strategically (better known as shifting calories). By first eating often, second, eating smaller meals, third, eating the right nutrients, and fourth strategically rotating the type of nutrients you eat around, you are going to significantly skyrocket your bodies metabolic rate on a consistent basis. This type of dieting helped me shed 52 pounds of fat consistently throughout a 8 week period… and I have not regained one pound back since.

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