2 Surefire Simple Ways To Make Your Stomach Flatter (Without Diet Or Exercise)

I had huge legs, a 44 inch waistline, and very large love handles. Those areas drove me insane! But, my biggest annoyance was my fat stomach! It looked as if I was about to give birth (lol)! I tried many different things to lose belly fat, but nothing seemed to work. THEN, I changed my approach around. I went the natural route and all of sudden, the results came in lightning fast! Having said that, there were 2 simple changes I made that if done ALONE (without dieting or exercising), they would have still brought me amazing results! Continue reading to find out more…

Okay, before I talk about those 2 simple ways for losing belly fat, I wanted to first make it clear that you still have to do proper dieting and the right type of exercises in order to lose fat and lose weight. My point with these 2 simple methods is that they are so powerful that they could be done alone… but I highly recommend you include proper dieting and the right type of exercises.

By the way, proper dieting is basically anything that is “anti-fad diet”. What I mean by that is dieting that involves EATING instead of starving or depriving yourself, and also eating food with the primary intention of boosting your metabolism. A diet like this was the foundation of my successful weight loss transformation.

As far as the “right type of exercises” is concerned, what I recommend you do is to focus on doing BOTH high intensity interval cardio (switching between high and low intensity with a workout) and weight training exercises. H.I.I.T cardio increases your metabolism, maintains muscle, and you can burn off a TON of calories in way less time versus traditional 45-60 minute cardio. Building muscle is crucial given that you will burn off a ton of calories, boost your metabolism, and so much more!

Now, let’s talk about those 2 simple ways to make your stomach flatter lightning fast and guaranteed…

Have you ever heard about this amazing clear liquid that supposedly is available to everyone at vast amounts? I think it’s called… wober… or is it… wacer… oh, wait a minute, I think the name of it is WATER! That’s right my friend, the most commonly heard diet tip is one of the surefire simple ways to lose belly fat… but no one wants to believe it?! Why? Well, that could be because people want to believe that it must take some type of miracle diet pill or fad diet in order to lose weight?

Drinking more water can cause you to lose belly fat quicker than any fad diet or diet pill could do. And that’s because it is 100% natural and the body responds very well to drinking more water (after all, the body is primarily made up of water)!

How drinking more water will flatten your stomach is that it increases your metabolism, helps with digestion and distribution of nutrients, provides a natural detox for your body, increases energy levels, and so much more!

Th next surefire simple way to get rid of a fat stomach is another popular tip that many seem to ignore. And that would be to get some more ZZZ’s!

Sleeping will do wonders for your body! Getting more sleep will cause you to feel less hungrier throughout the day, you’ll have more energy, you’ll be less stressed out, your metabolism will run faster, your mind will be more sharper, and so… much… more!

Bottom line, natural dieting (such as the program I used HERE), the right types of exercises, getting more sleep, and drinking more water is the ultimate plan for getting slimmer in no time… and permanently. Just please remember that although simply drinking more water and getting more sleep doesn’t sound as “awesome” as one of those crazy fad diets or some super intense workout program, doing those 2 things will make an incredible difference with your body much more faster… and naturally!