2 Nutrients You May Need More Of To Lose Weight


Which nutrients should you add into your diet to lose weight more frequently… and also improve your health?


Vitamin D keeps your skeleton strong, but that’s not all. A study showed that those deficient in Vitamin D have an 80% higher risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. It is believed that Vitamin D may reduce inflammation in your arteries. Adequate levels of Vitamin D may also keep you from gaining weight and help melt away belly fat, and another study found that those with high levels of Vitamin D in their bloodstream store less fat. Vitamin D is created in your body when the sun’s ultraviolet rays penetrate your skin. And “THEY” tell you to stay out of the sun! Could that be the reason why so many people today are deficient in Vitamin D?

It has been reported that you need at least 15 minutes of direct sunlight each day. That’s fine in summer, but what about in the middle of January. If you were low in Vitamin D towards the end of summer, then you can bet you will be low in winter. Foods that contain Vitamin D would include mostly seafood’s. Mackerel, tuna and Salmon are all good sources of Vitamin D, with Salmon being the highest next to Mackerel then tuna. Eggs are also a good source of Vitamin D. But what if you don’t go in the sun and you don’t eat much seafood?

Then it is recommended that you supplement with 1,400 IU of Vitamin D daily to insure you get enough Vitamin D in the bloodstream.


Iodine feeds the thyroid gland which helps it to produce the hormones T3 and T4. Both of these help the body burn calories. If you don’t have enough iodine, then you may be apt to gain weight and feel fatigued.

If you lack iodine, you may suffer from one or more of the following:
•Weight gain
•Coarse, brittle hair; hair loss
•Achy feeling all over
•Puffiness in the Face
•Dry skin
•Swollen hands or feet
•Cold intolerance
•Menstrual abnormalities or infertility
•Depression and irritability

So where do you get a good source of iodine. Well, not in your table salt! People already get more than enough bad sodium in their diets. You don’t need to add any more bad salt. For healthy iodine, it would be better to eat a serving of eggs every day.

Seafood is a good source of iodine with 3 oz of cooked Cod containing approximately 87 micrograms of iodine. Iodine is also found in spinach, almonds and potatoes.

The best weight loss program re-educates you on how to eat properly and lose weight effectively in the process. The best weight loss strategy is to stay away from diets that do nothing but destroy your metabolism.

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