10 Ways To Stay Fit When Working At Home


Working from home is great – no boss to look behind your shoulder, no distractions from coworkers, no need to commute to work every day… That last thing is particularly great. It’s also a problem. When you commute you have at least some physical activity, even if you drive. Staying at home removes even this. Less exercise equals worse health. How to deal with this?

Here are ten ideas. Implement just half of them and you’ll be better fit than those who work in offices.

1. Get a standing desk. These are getting popular in the last years especially after studies discovered the damages long hour sitting causes to your body. Not everyone likes a standing desk and some people use it only part of the day. If you can get to working at a standing desk just half of your working hours this will be pretty sufficient.

2. Walk or bike to the grocery store. Forget the car. If you go shopping up to 3-4 km away just go by walking. For distances up to 9-10 km cycle. Most people don’t go that far for their daily shopping.

3. Fix things in the house. There is always something to fix at home and the time is never enough. But if you work at home you arrange your time. When you get stuck working on a problem or need 20 minutes break, stand up. Instead of logging in the social network fix something at home, cook, arrange things, clean. This will get you moving and at the same time will get some work done.

4. Keep water/coffee/tea away from you. Make sure that you have to stand up before you can drink your favorite drink instead of keeping it at your desk. Be careful not to dehydrate because of laziness.

5. Make frequent breaks. This should be clear. Use most breaks for physical activities. Not all. Even taking a quick nap is better for your health and fitness than staying in front of the computer and working all the time.

6. Exercise with kids. Exercise together with your kids or other family members. It’s more fun losing weight together than doing it alone.

7. Grow flowers or other plants. Growing plants will keep you busy at least once per day to wet them. At the same time they will make you feel better just by watching at them.

8. Have a dog. Taking care for a dog is one of the most sure ways to stay fit. You have to walk with the dog at least once each few days. There’s no way around.

9. Keep fruits around you. When working on the computer I often feel the need to eat something especially sweet. Instead of having chocolate or other sweets keep fruits next to you.

10. Forget “office food”. I know you are busy, but you are now at home. There is no excuse to avoid cooking. You can cook late in the evening or early in the morning, or prepare parts of the food when making your breaks. It’s not that hard. Don’t eat junk food when working at home.

It takes some discipline to stay fit at home. But it’s perfectly possible. Do it.

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