10 Commandments of Weight Loss, How to Lose Fat, Enjoy Life and Be Happy!


Losing weight isn’t as hard as they have you believe, its just the way that we get told makes it hard! Low fat calorie restriction diets makes us hungry crave sugar and feel miserable! Why would anyone want to do that, life is too short! Wonder why 98% of diets fail! By exercising smart and eating right you can turn into your body into a fat burning machine without going crazy! Below are 10 simple tips to help you achieve this!

    1. Smile! you need to enjoy what you eat, if you are trying to lose weight and forcing yourself to eat bland boring meals its going to be very difficult to stick to it. Remedy this by avoiding diet products and eating real foods concentrating on protein, fat and vegetable while cutting back on the carbohydrates.
    1. No scales! Weight doesn’t matter, body weight can change daily depending on what foods you have eaten and how hydrated you are. If you must take your weight once a week upon waking.
    1. Don’t be to strict! Weight gain didn’t happen overnight and so don’t expect it to lose it overnight either. So don’t punish yourself if you have a slip up, this is about long term change.
    1. Exercise! Find an activity you enjoy and stick with it, the right exercise routine boosts metabolism and turns you into a fat burning machine. If you need advice or help with the right exercise routine please get in touch.
    1. Don’t count calories. Becoming obsessed with the calorie content of food is not healthy. If you eat right there is no need to count calories.
    1. Relax, coffee and cake with a friend wont make you fat. That special meal, enjoy it it takes months, years to get fat, on day of indulgence wont kill you, stick to the 80/20 rule eating well 80% of the time.
    1. No “diet” drinks. Research has shown that people drinking diet drinks get fatter than those drinking the normal versions. This is due to the artificial sweeteners in drinks such as diet cola, lemonade etc. While low in calories they still make the body think its getting sugar and so blood sugar drops and and the body goes into fat storage mode. This means low blood sugar making you feel hungry, craving sugar and probably tired and irritable too!
    1. Cut the carbohydrates. Eating too many carbohydrates while trying to lose weight means your body wont use start using its own fat stores for energy.
    1. Intervals! There is no need to spend hours on the treadmill, train smart. the myth about the fat burning zone is exactly that a myth! you would need to do at least 2 hours of steady state exercise to start using burning any significant amount of body fat. Interval training combines short sprints with a short recovery and gives a massive boost to your metabolism for up to 48 hours, meaning you carry on burning more calories even after the workout is done.
  1. Be realistic, Rome wasn’t built in a day and it takes time to achieve long lasting results. a quick fix rarely lasts with those crash dieting more often than not gaining back all the weight they have lost and more! Set a goal size or weight and break that done into mini targets. Aim for around 1-2lb a week, more is possible but not recommended without the supervision of a fitness professional or nutritionist to ensure you are still healthy and consuming enough vital nutrients

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