1 Little Mistake That Caused Me To STOP Losing Weight (And How You Can Avoid It)

There is nothing more frustrating that getting all excited with starting a weight loss program… and then you start getting AMAZING results… and then it all STOPS!


I was so freaking pissed when I first started my body transformation and was getting so much success in the beginning… and then it just stopped?! I remember me saying “this is so awesome… I’m finally going to get that body I always wanted”! And then of course once I kept checking the scale and noticed that it wasn’t budging, my motivational level went down south really quick!

What caused this to happen?

How could I have been getting such great success in the beginning of my diet and exercise plan, and then all of a sudden it just stopped?

I didn’t change anything? I mean, I may have cheated a couple of times on my diet, but I never did anything too insane. I ate right at least 80% of the time, I exercised FIVE DAYS A WEEK, I got a good amount of sleep, I was drinking plenty of water, etc.?

After getting baffled for sometime trying to figure out why I stopped getting results, a light bulb went off in my head…

That light bulb came about when I mentioned one of those head scratching questions I asked above: “I didn’t change anything?”

It went from me scratching my head trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, to me slapping my forehead because I felt like an idiot!

What I ended up realizing was that as you lose weight… you must adjust your diet and fitness!

The amount of calories I ate when I began dieting was not going to keep the pounds dropping now that I’ve lost weight if I keep eating the same amount of calories. And the intensity and amount of fitness I was doing in the beginning needed to be increased as I lost weight.

In other words, if you do not adjust your diet and if you do not increase the level of intensity with your workouts as you lose weight, then it is inevitable that you’ll reach a plateau.

Once I realized this, I switched from trying to just live a healthier lifestyle and I decided to go on a trusted and highly effective diet program. Not because I wanted to join a “fad”, but because I wanted to ensure that I had better structure with how I should be eating as I progress through my diet.

As a result, I started losing weight again, and not surprisingly I lost weight at a more consistent rate. However, what did surprise me was that the diet I went on actually caused me to lose weight much more quicker than I ever did (which was around 50 pounds in 8 weeks). This type of diet I went on worked great for me because it naturally increased my metabolism. And apparently, that was another issue (a slow metabolism) that was keeping me from getting quicker and more consistent results.

So, if you have either started dieting and exercising and have stopped getting results, or you are about to start dieting and exercising and want to avoid getting stuck at a plateau, then make sure you remember to adjust your diet and fitness level as you lose weight. To make dieting easier, I recommend you choose an effective diet that is well structured and will automatically adjust your diet as you progress.

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